Please Stand By with Dakota Fanning – Movie Review

I wasn’t sure I liked it at first. It felt frustrating… because life for Dakota Fanning’s character, Wendy. But then that’s testament to how effectively Dakota’s portrayed life for Wendy.

A family movie with heart, Please Stand By delivers powerfully human emotions surrounding a uniquely autistic individual who struggles with them. This movie takes you there.

Although they never name the specific challenge Wendy is affected by… likely to intentionally convey that individual struggles are real, no matter what name they may be given.

Dakota Fanning in Please Stand By – Image courtesy of Magnolia Pictures 

Dakota’s portrayal of the anguished but hopeful Wendy, was so believable that you completely forgot it was Dakota Fanning and not the young woman learning how to navigate complicated human relationships and emotions. As with many who are autistic, Wendy had an obsession… one that she developed to help her cope and that eventually would clearly become her compelling future. We’d say that more than an obsession…

She had a purpose that kept her focused and gave her hope.

Please Stand By is a movie of struggle and triumph, and a portrayal of some of the best and worst of humanity, and the warmth of conflicted relationships, even when they’re not so easy. The writing, production and direction in this film were like a well woven tapestry of humanity that linked with surprising bursts of color that bring it all together beautifully.

Our family of five, ranging in ages from 21-82 all thoroughly enjoyed and definitely recommend Please Stand By.

Please Stand By, starring Dakota Fanning is a compelling story worth seeing. A solid ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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