Love Yourself with We Heart It

Don’t listen to the world… listen to your heart. Your heart knows you. Your heart is not about approval from the outside world. Your heart is love, and your heart… your love, starts with you.


The people over at We Heart It came up with the idea of celebrating ‘Love Yourself Week’ in honor of their inspiring members.

When Instagram star Essena O’Neil acknowledged the dark-side of social media, the folks at We Heart It thought about their positive community and created a montage of videos of girls like the lovely ladies above answering the question: “Why is Self-Acceptance Important to You?”

We Heart It is also asking everyone to share on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook just what makes you special and why you love yourself using the hashtag #HeartMyself. Your post may end up featured on the We Heart It app — and also, you may end up making your own day!

💜 Now go heart yourself! 💜