7 Best Journals for Creativity, Discovery, Reflection and Productivity

We recently got a request to find some cute journals. Mission accepted! Of course, no two people journal the same way, so here’s a variety to suit each and every one of your documentarian tastes.


♥ Every Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. If you have a penchant for nostalgia, this could be the journal for you. Every day has five sections for five years, so you can easily look back and see all the cool things you did. Or if you’re like me, see what you were watching on Netflix.


♥ Ticket Stub Diary. If you love events, then you’ll want to keep track of where you’ve been and when with all those nostalgic ticket stubs. You don’t have to be the writerly type, to keep a journal. If you track your life by the concerts, sporting events, plays and movies you go to, slide your ticket stubs in here for a scrapbook of your favorite moments in time.


♥ Dream Journal How can your soul communicate with you? One way is through dreams. Sometimes dreams are just weird. Other times there are hidden messages in them. And sometimes we’re lucky and the dream is a wonderful depiction of the things and people we love and the visions we hold dear. One way to learn more from your dreams is to record as much of them as you can recall. We like the Knock Knock brand, and their Dream Journal is really cool.



Start Where You Are Journal for Self Exploration by Meera Lee Patel

Meera is a lovely young, very successful artist. We love her painted watercolor illustrations and  artistic style, with wonderful whimsical—yet wise—sayings, such as: “If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.”

Definitely a journal to inspire creativity, self exploration and self expression.



90 Day Goals Journal – If you’re motivated—or need help getting motivated—to achieve your dreams, this goals journal is the way to go. Don’t leave your plans to chance. Identify and track your quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.  We made this and use it daily!




♥ The Wisdom Journal – If you love nature, gardening and gardens, you’ll enjoy this lovely wisdom journal full of nature images and down home quotes.




The Celestial Journal – For a touch of mystical elegance, we love this journal. Inviting cover, beckons you to create magic on the pages within.



So let us know what kind of journal is your favorite. If it’s not one of these, we’ll add it here.

Bottom line, journaling is a great way to improve your writing and flow of thoughts, while getting more in touch with your inner self.

Happy Journaling!