An All Natural Lip Balm

It’s Good Enough to Eat.

I mean… anything you place on your lips, should be edible, right? After all, any time you have on lipgloss, lipstick or┬álip balm, you are naturally ingesting some of it. Not only is it entering your body through your skin, but also when you eat, drink or lick your lips, you’re consuming small particles of whatever you’ve placed on your lips.

So, not only does all natural lip balm make sense, it’s the only kind of lip stuff that does.

We forget that so many products today were created in a lab by scientists looking to make products that work, that last, and that stay in place. Their job was not usually to make a product that’s also good for you, inside and out. Today, more companies are waking up to this and creating more and better products.

But Dan… he saw the light way back in 2004. Dan was ahead of the curve.

Dan Gosling and ChopSaver

Dan Gosling is a professional trumpet player. Few professions are as abusive to the lips as wind instruments, so when Dan didn’t find a good solution to treat his bruised and abused lips, he created one.

Today, Dan’s company, ChopSaver, has saved many chops with a lip balm that’s actually good for you, inside and out, and Dan? He has happy lips and is now known for more than being an awesome trumpet player. Dan is also The ChopSaver Guy.1)

You can find ChopSavers all natural lip balms in CVS and on Amazon, and you don’t have to be a trumpet player to enjoy the wonderful benefits of this good-for-you lip treat!

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