Cool Girl: Chandler Kinney, Inspiring Young Actor

Chandler Kinney is best known for her breakout role on Amazon Prime Family’s “Gortimer Gibbons Life on Normal Street” as Christina Dillman, the talkative brainiac up for any intellectual challenge. The show tells the story of Gortimer and his friends as they navigate through various journeys and adventures on Normal Street, an ordinary suburban neighborhood that has a hint of something magical just beneath their feet. We talked to Chandler about school, acting, and music on vinyl, among other things.

I Heart Daily: Your character is super-smart… are you a brainiac in real life?
Chandler Kinney: I’d like to think so, though I can’t solve the issues of global warming and the dangers of climate change like Catherine did! She’s practically a genius! However, I am very passionate about education and it’s extremely important to me that I do well in school. I’m a straight-A student and I like to stay on top of my school work.

IHD: We hear you’re into Tae Kwon Do — and you’re a first-degree black belt?!
CK: Yes! I love it because it not only teaches self-defense, it also teaches the importance and value of discipline, responsibility, respect, humility and other great morals. It’s great exercise too! In addition to what I’ve learned from martial arts, I’ve also made some amazing friends through the sport.

IHD: What’s your next goal?
CK: I have so many things I want to accomplish! I want to keep working and creating art through film. I actually just won Best Youth Actress from Canadagraphs for my performance as Catherine and it is truly amazing to me to think that people enjoyed my work enough to vote for me! So I hope I can continue to inspire and affect people with my acting.

“Not everyone is fortunate, and if you have the ability to do something about it, why wouldn’t you?” Chandler Kinney

IHD: You’re involved with a few different charities — what inspires you to reach out to help others?
CK: Not everyone is fortunate, and if you have the ability to do something about it, why wouldn’t you? There is true significance in even the simplest of gestures. Giving back to the community in any way you can is important! And helping others has also broadened my perspective — and it just feels good!

IHD: You have a penpal Ethiopia — what do you guys write about?
CK: She doesn’t know how much she’s inspired me. We talk about our families, pets, school, and activities! It’s such an interesting and exciting experience!

IHD: We always ask: What are you hearting right now?
CK: I’m really hearting vinyl right now! I have a record player in my room and I’ve been listening to a lot of Adele, Taylor Swift, Chicago, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra! They are such talented artists and I love their music!

I’m also hearting the launch of my new organization called Chandler’s Friends! Our mission is to reach out to kids who are at any kind of disadvantage and let them know that someone cares. Our current project consists of making and donating fleece blankets. Exciting things are beginning to happen and I can’t wait to share more details in the near future!

Thanks, Chandler! Find this cool girl on twitter and Instagram.

And… here’s a snippet of Chandler on her acting role and dreams.

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