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I Heart Daily is a free newsletter of stuff we like. Each day, you’ll find out about one thing: The band you should hear, the girl who’s kicking ass in the world, the lipstick color that looks good on everyone, the designer who doesn’t have a fashion show yet but is completely amazing… you get the idea.

You’ll never hear about stuff we hate, just stuff we heart. We’re nice that way.



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Privacy Policy

The short version:

We hate spam just as much as you do, so we hear ya.

Even more than spam, we HATE identity thieves. So we hear ya there, too.

If you’re under 13, we appreciate your interest, but you can’t sign up for our newsletter. Sorry, dude.

I Heart Daily would never in a million years share your personal information with an outside party. We might share things like “the average age of our users” with our advertisers, but that info is not linked to you personally, and is only shared so that we can improve the experience of our site and attract relevant advertisers and partners.

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The long version:


If you are under the age of 13 (12 or younger), you may not provide any information about yourself to this Site. While you may view content on the Site, you may not register with the Site, enter any of our sweepstakes or contests, or participate in any part of the Site that would let you enter information about yourself. If we learn that you have provided information about yourself to this Site, we will delete such information. Sorry to be all scary, but it’s the law or something.


I Heart Daily, LLC will not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from kids under 13. If you have any concerns about this Site or its related services, wish to find out if your child is a member of one of our services, or wish to cancel your child’s membership, please contact us at


We gather two types of information about users via the site:

(1) Non-personally identifiable information: When visitors come to, and at times after leaving the site to visit an co-branded site, we collect and aggregate information indicating, among other things, which pages of the website were visited, the order in which they were visited and which hyperlinks were “clicked.” Collecting such information involves the logging of the IP addresses, operating system and browser software used by each visitor. Although such information is not personally identifiable on its own, we can determine from an IP address information such as a visitor’s Internet service provider and the geographic location of his or her point of connectivity, and we may match such non-personally identifiable information to your personally identifiable information to improve your experience on our site. Any such use will be subject to this Privacy Policy.

We note that our sponsors and advertisers may be using cookies and other technological tools to monitor visitor activity.

(2) Personally identifiable information: In certain areas of the site – mainly, when you request a newsletter – we may require that you provide us with personally identifiable information (such as your name, e-mail address and birth date).


(1) Non-personally identifiable information: uses non-personally identifiable information in aggregate form to build higher quality, more useful online services by performing statistical analyses of the collective characteristics and behavior of visitors, and by measuring demographics and interests in connection with specific areas of the site. We provide such statistical data to our advertisers, affiliates and other current and potential business partners; for example, we inform these third parties as to the number of people who have seen and clicked on links to their websites. We also use such data to create a more enjoyable experience for our visitors, for example, to assist in selecting content and advertisers featured on specific channels, pages and site areas based on your general likes and dislikes.

Please note that we also may match non-personally identifiable information, such as your IP address, to your personally identifiable information in order to augment our ability to administer the site and create a more enjoyable experience for you. We will not include any such personally identifiable information in the statistical data we provide to advertising partners, unless you have consented to such disclosure or unless otherwise permitted under the Privacy Policy.

The site contains links to other Internet websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of websites that are not owned and operated by, including such sites’ use of any information (such as IP number, browser type or operating system) collected when visitors to our site click through links to those sites. Even though such information might not identify you personally, we strongly encourage you to become familiar with the privacy practices of those sites.

(2) Personally identifiable information:  uses personally identifiable information as set forth herein.

  1. No Intentional Sale or Lease:  Except as set forth within this Privacy Policy, does not intentionally sell or lease personally identifiable information collected from visitors to unaffiliated third-party marketers without the permission of such members and visitors.
  2. Opt-In/Opt-Out Policy: When you supply with personally identifiable information, you may be asked to indicate whether you are interested in receiving information from us about special offers in connection with the and/or our advertisers and partners. You may also be provided with the opportunity to opt-in to receiving offers directly from our third-party advertisers or partners. If you do choose to opt-in, you will receive such communications in accordance with your “opt-in” consent. At any time, you can follow a link provided in every newsletter or email message (except for e-commerce confirmations and other administrative emails) to unsubscribe from that particular mailing list or email service. At any time, you can contact us through to have your contact preference changed to “Do Not Contact Me”.Please keep in mind that even if you opt-out from receiving communications from, residual information about you will remain within databases, access logs and other records, which may or may not contain such personally identifiable information. The residual information will not be used for commercial purposes.If you opt-in to the disclosure of your personally identifiable information to third parties, and you subsequently decide that you would like to discontinue receiving offers and other promotional materials from such third parties, you may need to contact those third parties directly in order to opt-out of further communications. Please note that reserves the right to change its opt-in/opt-out practices by modifying or updating this Privacy Policy as set forth above.  
  3. Targeted Advertising: sometimes uses individual data collected via to “target” advertising – to decide which advertisements and sponsor messages to show to which members.
  4. Employees, Contractors and Agents: may employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf, such as processing of payments, operating features of the site, or hosting or maintaining our servers. These other companies may have access to your personal information as necessary to carry out their functions, but they are not permitted to share that information with any third party absent your consent.
  5. Contests, Promotions or Sweepstakes: If and when sponsors contests, promotions or sweepstakes, or third parties sponsor contests, promotions or sweepstakes in conjunction with the site, either or the third party will post relevant privacy information in the official rules and/or registration area for the contest, promotion or sweepstakes. That privacy information, to the extent it conflicts with this Privacy Policy, will govern that particular contest, promotion or sweepstakes.
  6. Surveys and Polls: Our surveys and polls ask for your opinions on various issues, and very often these surveys and polls are sponsored by or associated with advertisers and partners. Occasionally, we may request demographic information (like zip code, age or gender). Most information obtained through surveys and polls is aggregated and used internally or shared with advertisers and partners only in the aggregated form. In the event seeks your opinion in a survey or poll conducted by without any association with or sponsorship by a third party, and we request personally identifiable information about you as part of such survey or poll, the use of your personally identifiable information will be governed by this Privacy Policy. In the event a poll or survey is sponsored by or associated with an advertiser or partner, such advertiser or partner may seek to collect and use your information. Please review each poll and survey carefully before submitting your information to determine whether you are submitting your information to or to an partner or advertiser. In the event that you are submitting your information to an partner or advertiser, the use of your information will not be governed by this Privacy Policy. In any event, reserves the right to add your survey answers to your member portrait (so that we can provide you with content, ads and offers that we feel will be of greatest interest to you).
  7. “Email This to a Friend”: The site allows you to forward certain items posted on or links to other features by email or Instant Messenger to other parties who you believe may be interested. While, due to technical restrictions, the recipient’s email address or Instant Messenger screen names may be retained in our log files, we do not knowingly share it with third parties (unless the recipient has already consented to such use of her personally identifiable information).
  8. Business Transfers. We may sell or transfer assets or portions of our business as we continue to improve our product and service offerings. In such transactions, user or visitor information (whether non-personally identifiable or personally identifiable) may constitute one of the transferred business assets.

If you have reason to believe that there has been any breach of the security of the site, please contact us at


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I Heart Daily is a free, daily e-mail that features stuff we like. Each day, you’ll find out about one thing: The band you should hear, the girl who’s kicking ass in the world, the lipstick color that looks good on everyone, the designer who doesn’t have a fashion show yet but is completely amazing… you get the idea. You’ll never hear about stuff we hate, just stuff we heart. We’re nice that way.

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