Growth is life. We are all growing and transforming.

iHeartDaily is a place for love.

It’s about people, places and things we love… AND about stories of kindness and compassion.

Because… the world needs more HEART!


We are a small family of entrepreneurs growing a media publishing company of multiple sites in areas of interest to us. We are writers, creators, authors, ideators and entrepreneurs with a passion for bringing more love and light to a world in need by sharing good news and inspiring people, stories and things.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

We bought this site from the awesome ladies who created it, Melissa and Anne, because they moved on to pursue their next great chapters in life. If you have any interest in learning more about us or in being a contributing writer, we’d love to a hear from you. One of our sister sites is: iCreateDaily.com and podcast: iCreateDailyPodcast.com

Love is the purpose of our universe. To create is to align.
~LeAura Alderson

iHeartDaily is about sharing inspirational stories and all things good and positive, because the world needs more HEART! Please share your good news and positive stories of people and things, kindness and beauty that uplift and inspire you and we’ll share them here!