A Fond Farewell From Anne and Melissa

Dear IHD Readers,

You’ve probably noticed by now that I Heart Daily has been more like, I Heart Not-So-Often. After eight years, we’re are happy/sad to say we’re officially ending its run.

When we started I Heart Daily, there weren’t a lot of magazines or websites or newsletters that talked to teen girls like normal, intelligent people. So we aimed to create a happy place on the Internet where awesome, smart, creative girls could get tidbits of cool and interesting information. We hope we were that place for you.

Also, this was beyond fun for us. We got to interview smartamazing people, learn about cooking and weird stuff you love from our reader contributors and Red Hearts authors, track down unique beauty and style finds and collaborate with bright stars around the world. In short: Thanks for letting us do this with you.

It’s crazy to think about, but in 2008 there was no Instagram and no Snapchat; Tavi Gevinson, then 11, had just started her blog Style Rookie; Barack Obama edged out Hillary Clinton in the democratic primaries; and Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered on TV. Today, Tavi is an icon of feminist youth; Hillary will hopefully become our next and first female president; and Kim, well, Kim are her family are still clogging up our social media feeds.

The point is — things change and things stay the same. Right now, a little is changing because I Heart Daily will no longer be in your inbox… but does that means we will stop creating and thinking of new projects to tackle? Perhaps ones that you might be interested in? Nope! We’ll always be dreaming up new ideas, so stay tuned for what’s next. We’ll keep you posted.

We miss you already!

PS-If you’re looking for something great to fill our shoes in your inbox, check out Clover Letter, a new newsletter we already love from our friends Casey and Liza.