Upgrade Your Room for < $70

Chloe Belchamber, 17, is an I Heart Dailyreader and the owner and director ofWeekend Muse. In between studying Journalism & Communication at the University of Queensland in Australia, she wrote this genius guest post for us (she can also teach you how to do that amazing eyeliner application pictured). Follow her on twitter and tumblr if you like what you see here! Below, Chloe shares 5 ways to upgrade your room for under $70 — in fact, you can get started for free (see idea #3!). Thanks, Chloe!

Put Your Wardrobe On Display With A Clothes Rack ($10). If you’re like me and have been blessed with being given the smallest bedroom in the house, you’ll know storage is always an issue — especially when you’ve got a knack for shopping! Why not extend your wardrobe and buy a clothes rack from Ikea to put the best of your style out on display.

Liven Up Your Space With Self-Maintaining Plants($6). Brighten up any dresser space with some green! Succulents make excellent plant pals because they can go long periods without needing to be watered. But, if you’re like me and can’t cope with the commitment of live plants, why not invest in some fake ones? They still add the perfect touch of liveliness to your room, but without the maintenance!

Make Use Of Unwanted Space With A Magazine Stack(free). I’m a keen reader of Vogue, but the more my collection grows, the less space I have! This quick storage hack requires no DIY skills and is absolutely free. You know that small, pointless nook in your room where absolutely nothing will fit? Stack up your favorite magazine collection and personalize your stack by adding a feature ornament on top!

Add a Rug ($20). Make your floor space appear twice the size with a small, chic rug! Faux fur is this seasons IT-material, so why not keep your feet cozy by adding a small rug to your room?

Makeup With A Twist ($26). If you love the beauty-blogger storage look, but want to add your own personal touch to it, why not invest in some quirky makeup brush containers? Skull heads are the pinnacle of home décor — shop around online for funky skull containers or bring your favorite candle back to life and use an empty candle holder to store your go-to brushes!