Reader Book Reviews!

Today, two readers review new books! First, Kaitlin, 15, blogs about books, movies and TV on Dark Faerie Tales. She reviews Amber Hart’s After Us(out now):

 “After Us is a contemporary novel, but it has some aspects of a thriller. Javier joins a gang, hoping to avenge his cousin, and that added the scenes necessary to keep me interested in reading on. After all, guns and drugs and danger really amp up the suspense, so even though I had a little bit of trouble getting into After Us, I eventually started to enjoy myself. The romance between Javier and Melissa moves pretty fast, but I can’t complain, because it wasn’t insta-love (the bane of a reviewer’s existence). They help each other grow, and it was nice to see. Both characters go through some major development in the story! The writing in this novel flowed well, and it was a refreshing change in it’s uniqueness. I really enjoyed the poetic eloquence in each carefully chosen word.

After Us is not a light contemporary, what with Melissa’s cancer and Javier’s dead cousin, but I found myself intrigued by the storyline and the rawness of both point’s of view. There are a few major twists towards the end, making a strong and memorable ending. I would recommend it to teenagers who enjoyed the emotions of The Fault in Our Stars and the action of The Lure.”

Our second reviewer, Dianne, 21, runs Oops! I Read A Book Again, a book blog focusing on young adult and new adult literature. By day, she works as a science researcher and by night, she is taking up her Master’s degree to become a full-time science nerd. And from the time after dinner until the wee hours of the night, she reads books agonizingly slow, which makes her one sleep-deprived creature. She reviews Laura Johnston’s Between Now & Never (out March 31):

♥ “If you were expecting a fluffy read because of Between Now & Never’s cover, you are way out of the ballpark. In dual perspectives of Cody and Julianna, readers are treated to a fantastic look into their lives, with so much depth, dimension, and growth. They have their own background histories, motivations, goals, wants, scars, and fears. As obvious as their attraction was, they both felt that it was wrong with Cody’s dad being the FBI agent who indicted Julianna’s mom. Add to that Cody being hit by a car the night they met and him forgetting what happened that day, except for bits and pieces about a drug deal and Julianna’s brother Vic.

“What I liked best about the book is how it didn’t focus on the romance but delivered it equally with the rest of the plot. The story had an air of mystery, as Cody tries to remember that night, but the reader knows what happened. We just watch it all unfold and unveil itself to its conclusion. I recommend Between Now & Never for fans of Katie McGarry and a bit of angst in their YA.”