Up Your School Supply Style

leather-pencil-caseHey man, style isn’t just about clothes — when you’re in class, extend your extremely good taste to your school supplies. Believe me, it’ll make paying attention in US History that much easier.
 Homework Leather Pencil Case, presentandcorrect ($30, pictured). I’ll never outgrow Lisa Frank, but there’s something about a sophisticated leather embossed case that makes me really want to buy nice pencils.

 Dux Precision Pencil Sharpener, PencilThings ($23). And speaking of pencils, if you have a particular taste for points, this sharpener adjusts to create three different kinds of tips. Dreams do come true.

 Apple Juice MacBook Decal, DecalForThat ($6.50). This decal turns the Apple logo into an juice box. I mean, that’s so clever it almost makes me hate it, but I don’t — I love it!