Teen Entrepreneur Megan, 18, Designs Starter Bras

yellowberry brasWhen Megan Grassell, 18, went bra shopping last year with her then-13-year-old little sister Mary Margaret, she was surprised that most of the bras they saw were padded or push-up styles, even for first-timers. The Jackson Hole, Wyoming native decided that she would make her own bra for her sister, one that was flattering and comfortable — and not risqué.
Megan sketched a pattern and collected fabric, hiring a local seamstress to sew prototypes for her colorful and simple bras aimed at 11- to 15-year-olds. She used money saved from past summer jobs and contacted potential mentors in the business community.

In February, Megan’s company, Yellowberry, began selling the bras online for $30-$43. Her first three batches sold out and she also crowdfunded $42,000 to expand the business via Kickstarter. How cool is that?

Also: The bras are seriously cute and comfy looking. Check them out, and read a full profile of Megan and her business in The New York Times.