Fool-Proof Makeup for Dummies

sephora-compactI had a huge beauty epiphany the other day when I tried thisMicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio ($21) from Sephora. On the back of this sturdy compact there’s a facial diagram that tells you where to apply the bronzer, blush and highlighter.
Apparently, bronzer is a great contouring device. Applying it right under your cheekbones gives you pseudo-Kate Moss definition. Who knew?

So in honor of me, and any of you makeup novices out there, here are a couple more fool-proof products that take the guess work out of application.

♥ Photo Ready Primer + Eyeshadow, Revlon ($10). Umm yeah. Usually, I have as much chance of successfully navigating an eye shadow palette as my mom does of figuring out the DVR. But this one from Revlon is a cinch to decipher.

 Blast Flipstick Lipcolor, Covergirl ($4 – $8). Coral and pink? Red and plum? How many shades of the same color can there be?? Here’s a two-sided lipstick with complementary colors. Blend away.