Read It: Two Summer Books!

the ruiningBecca from Rancho Santa Margarita Library in Rancho Santa Margarita, California sent us these two reviews of summer books we shared with her library’s book club. Thanks, Becca!
The Ruining by Anna Collomore (pictured) is about a girl named Annie who spends her summer as a nanny for a wealthy family on a vacation island. At first it feels like paradise, but when strange things begin to happen and Annie starts hallucinating, she wonders what’s real and what’s illusion. Becca says, “It was an exciting and suspenseful read. Every chapter kept me wanting more and nervous about what I would discover. The characters were well developed, making me root for Annie, despise Libby, and adore Owen. A great quick read that I’d recommend to anyone!”

Tempest Unleashed by Tracy Deebs is about a mermaid who’s torn between her love of the sea (plus a charming boy under the water) and her connection to land, where another old flame lives. Becca says, “I loved this book! Mermaids, magic and a love triangle. It had everything I wanted from a fun and quick summer read. The only regret I had about reading Tempest Unleashed is that when I finished I realized it was the second novel and I missed out on reading Tempest Rising first! I hope there is a third novel so I can see what becomes of Tempest and her journey between the human and mermaid world.”