More Summer Must-Haves!

Today’s post is from I Heart Daily’s Los Angeles correspondant Joanne Davenport, 13, who’s found five summer essentials that aren’t too late to try!
This summer I have been on the hunt for the perfect products to use at the beach, pool and going out at night. I made a list that has my favorite five things from this summer!

Kate Somerville Tanning Wipes (pictured). These wipes are great, because if you get an uneven tan they can help even it out, and they can also be used to give the illusion that you have a tan, even if you went on vacation in Forks, Washington.

Waterproof mascara. With all the time you will be spending in the water, you don’t want to have mascara running under your eyes the whole time. This Maybelline waterproof mascara is my favorite because it gives great volume and length.

Bright lips. I never get the opportunity to wear bright lips to school, so I take full advantage of it during the summer. I love the MAC lipsticks because they come in a ton of bright colors and stay on really well. You can buy them online or at any MAC store.

Bright nails. This whole summer I have painted my nails at least once a week. I love using neon and bright colors from the Essie summer collection.

Face moisturizer with SPF. I had a lot of trouble this summer finding a good tinted moisturizer that also had SPF. I hated using sunscreen on my face because it felt awful and clogged my pores, so I just felt better using regular moisturizer. My friend showed me her Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and I fell in love. It has great coverage, feels light on my skin, and has SPF.

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  1. Very nice, and you’re only 13 and knowledgeable about skin care! Anything with SPF in it is important, and you can still work on your tan!

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