5 Collared Shirts $40 and Under

Today’s post is from I Heart Daily’s Los Angeles correspondant Joanne Davenport, 13, who found five shirts that are as stylish as they are affordable!
One of my favorite styles this year is the collared top. They can be worn in a dressier look, or even in just a casual everyday look. They come in all different styles, with lace collars, sequined collars, a large variety of colors. They can be worn many different ways and are a must-have in anyone’s closet.

Seen in Style Top in Ivory, Modcloth ($40, pictured). Cute and classic, this ivory and black collared shirt is fun and elegant.

Glamorous Sequin Collar Sleeveless Shirt , Asos ($36). This sleeveless, sheer black shirt can instantly go from daytime to nighttime with its adorable gold sequined (!) collar.

Niquitta Metal Tip Collar Shirt, Boohoo (28.00). A simple black and white collared shirt can look not-so-simple with a metal tip.

Blouse, H&M ($25). These loose-fitting collared shirts come in three different summery prints: floral, leopard and light apricot. Perfect for those summer evenings out on the town!

Sleeveless Collared Shirt, Forever 21 ($16). A sleeveless tan shirt is simple and light enough for a summer day at the beach, the mall or just out with friends. —Joanna Davenport