Read It: Dear Bully

With stories from 70 authors, Dear Bully (HarperTeen), edited by Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones is perfect for anyone who’s ever run into bullying. Which really means that it’s perfect for everyone. You’ll read true stories from Young Adult authors (myself included) about their experiences with bullying — from the heartbreaking points of view of both victim and tormentor.

When I read this book, I actually had to put it down in between every few chapters and read something else. It made me cry and cringe and then feel over-the-top happy at a triumphant outcome. Each story is different, but every one feels intensely personal, which is why reading Dear Bully is such a roller coaster ride. Don’t you love it when books make you feel?

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New Healthy Snack!

As snack foods go, microwave popcorn is pretty awesome. It’s fast, makes fun noises and is crunchy. Plus, it’s semi-healthy (fiber!) and you can get good-tasting low-calorie versions.
I never really thought it needed improving… until I heard about Quinn Popcorn. Made from pure ingredients like organic (non genetically modified) corn, this new treat comes in three flavors so far: Parmesan & Rosemary, Vermont Maple & Sea Salt and Lemon & Sea Salt. Um, YUM!

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Read It: The New Kids

If you’ve ever been the new kid, you know how rough those first days in an unfamiliar school can be. For the subjects of Brooke Hauser‘s The New Kids (Free Press), high school is even more of a challenge than usual. This book follows a year in the life of students who attend International High School in Brooklyn, and all of them are recent immigrants learning their way in a new country. They deal with homework, hallway gossip and the mysterious tradition of Prom, but they also face bigger issues.

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Style Muse: Judy Jetson

Some grew up cultivating their fashion sense by reading the pages of Vogue and admiring style icons like Jackie O. and Grace Kelly. Me? I munched on Frosted Flakes and watched my Saturday morning cartoons. Thus, I grew to admire the styles of classic cartoon characters like Judy Jetson, the teen from the wholesome family of the future.
Like most characters, Judy always wore the same impeccable outfit — a fuchsia bubble skirt, leggings, a collared crop top, and a hair bow. Between that and her self-cleaning house and space car, I was, like, so jealous of her. Here’s how you can get her vibe without looking too much like, well, a cartoon character.

Little Red Riding Skirt, ModCloth ($80). This sweet A-line skirt with a belt will show off your waist. Bonus: perfect for twirling.

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Tie-Dye Cupcakes Can Change the World

We’re big fans of She’s the First, an organization that sponsors girls’ education in the developing world, helping them to be the first in their families to graduate. Yeah, pretty awesome. And from November 1-8th, She’s the First is asking you to join in an event that you probably want to be a part of…
The She’s the First Tie-Dye Cupcake Bake-off encourages you to bake, sell and use cupcakes to fundraise for girls who can’t afford an education. Form a baking team of friends, classmates or co-workers and sign up here to be counted as part of the movement. Then promote your sale in your community, and start practicing the signature tie-dye cupcakes (that part’s not required, but it does add a punch of OH YEAH! to the proceedings).

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