YouBeauty: The Beauty-Health Connection

 You guys know Dr. Oz, right? The Oprah guy? He and his trusty counterpart, Dr. Roizen, have just launched a new site called YouBeauty, and it’s all about the relationship between health and beauty. So while we’re all for the best mascaras and celebrity makeup picks and lipstick that makes your puckers sing, it’s also good to delve into the deeper stuff.
Check out these five favorite features so far (don’t miss the dozens of fun quizzes), and stay tuned… the site has just started.

 Choosing the right hair color for your skin tone actually involves science.

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Q&A with Actress Kacey Rohl

 You may have seen Kacey Rohl as Prudence in this spring’s Red Riding Hood and in AMC’s hit show The Killing, as the best friend of murdered teen Rosie Larson. She’ll appear alongside Glee‘s Cory Monteith in the upcoming film Sisters and Brothers, and based on her track record, you’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon. We asked her a few Qs, and we kind of love her now:
I Heart Daily: How did you know that you wanted to act?
Kacey Rohl: I think I knew from the first rehearsal of my mom’s that I attended, but I didn’t tell myself that it was legitimate and possible until my senior year of high school.

IHD: You’ve had some dark roles recently! How do you put yourself in the mindset to play those parts?
KR: Prudence in Red Riding Hood came very easily to me, oddly enough. Acting mean (in that way) was easy for me. Sterling in The Killing was more difficult. She was more complex and damaged. For her, I went back to what my time in high school was like and really went to those icky 16-year-old self esteem places. I also used a lot of music to bring me down. The AntlersThe Cinematic Orchestra and I also got my best friend to compile a list of her favorite sad tunes and I used that to make me think of Rosie.

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NightLight: Shop to End Trafficking

NightLight is an international organization that helps sexually exploited women and children transform their lives. Through alternative employment and life-skills training, NightLight assists women, men and children who have been negatively impacted by the sex industry.
Trafficking of humans is the second-largest criminal industry in the world — and each year, an estimated 15,000 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States (that’s not including the 20,000 US citizens trafficked within the country, according to a US Department of Justice report).

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RED Hearts: How to Be a Good Intern

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is from Cindy Morand, 22, in New York, NY, who’s interning at the Federal Reserve this summer:

My favorite site for information on internships­ — they rank hundreds — is Vault. There’s even a “Top 10 Most Unusual Experiences” category. (NASA or Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, anyone?)

Should you find yourself in a seriously air-conditioned office this summer, here are a few quick strategies (if not paychecks) I’ve picked up toward making the most of your internship:

★ Find a Mentor, Make Friends. Network with colleagues to learn about the different roles in your department — people like it when you show interest in what they’ve chosen to do with their lives.

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5 Rompers $25 and Under

Why are rompers so great? Because they have all the benefits of flirty little dressed, with the convenience of shorts. That means you can do cartwheels, ride your bike, or go skydiving without any embarrassing panty flashes. Here are five rompers $25 and under to take you through summer.
Bow-nus Points Romper, Lulu*s ($24, sale, pictured). If your steez is more retro or vintage, and your style icon is more Rita Hayworth than Lady Gaga, try this black-and-white polka-dot romper with a red bow pattern.

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Indie Crafter Du Jour: Chelsea of A Lovely, Little Shop

Are. You. Ready. To. Get… Accessorized? Here are the perfect pieces to accent your summer wardrobe! Etsy crafter Chelsea makes decidedly bold yet feminine jewelry that will add an instant pick-me-up to any outfit. Here are three standout pieces from her store, A Lovely, Little Shop.
Orange Appled Necklace ($16, pictured). Reach for this asymmetrical beauty with round and square beads when you want something a little different from your everyday charm necklace.

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