How to Recreate Iconic Beauty Looks

 Last summer, we highlighted Erika Stalder‘s In the Driver’s Seat, a guide to your first car (still a fantastic resource!). This year, she’s got something different out on the shelves: The Look Book (Zest), with illustrations by Carol Pesce. It’s all about Hollywood beauty icons, and it could not be more fun.
Celebrity hair stylist Christopher Fulton and makeup-artist-to-the-stars Cameron Cohen also contributed to this beauty bible that celebrates stars ranging from Björk to Marilyn Monroe to Naomi Campbell. You’ll learn when each one inspired a new look, why it became legendary and how to create it.

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5 Cute Charm Bracelets

The cool thing about charm bracelets is that they’re endlessly customizable. They can commemorate everything from your trip around the world to your love of all things geeky (see robot and book options, below). Here are five picks for a charmed wrist:
 Got Books? Literary Charm Bracelet, A Likely Story ($38, pictured). With replica typewriter keys, pewter charms and literary images, the book-geek in you will swoon for this one.

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RED Hearts: Traditional Argentine Mate

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is from Zoe Mendelson, 20, currently studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who loves a new drink with a metal straw:

Here in Buenos Aires, they look at you funny if you ask for your coffee to go. They’ll giggle at the silly tourist if they see you walking around holding a little paper cup. This seems odd to me, considering their beverage of choice involves carrying a container of loose leaves, a gourd, a metal straw and a giant thermos of hot water.

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eco-amour: A Close Shave You’ll Want

 I don’t take special measures when it comes to shaving my legs or underarms. I’ll use whatever is within reach in the shower: shampoo, bar soap, shower gel, etc.
But, since trying out eco-armour, I’m shaving to the beat of a different emollient. Made by a husband and wife team, eco-armour is an all-natural, eco-friendly shaving foam that feels and smells heavenly. It comes in two scents: Eucamint 2, which contains eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils for its refreshing and tingly smell, and Pomago, which is enhanced with pomegranate and mango-scented oils and smells so scrumptious you’ll wish it were a popsicle flavor.

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Read It: Crush: 26 Real-life Tales of First Love

I’ve had a number of crushes throughout the years. Some were giddy, lighthearted affairs, and some were painfully intense, leaving my soul destroyed and ego embarrassingly bruised (don’t worry, I recovered!). But, hey — we can all relate, right?
Well, get ready to commiserate in a major way with Crush: 26 Real-life Tales of First Love, edited by Andrea N. Richesin, who assembled this anthology of writers spilling their guts about L-U-V.

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5 Pretty Patterned Plimsolls

My two shoe requirements of every summer season are: 1) Flip flops, and 2) a fun pair of slip-on plimsolls (those are shoes with canvas uppers and rubber soles). To help you out with requirement numero dos, here are five delightfully patterned plimsolls, ranging from stripes to flowers to gingham!
Printed Dottie Pink Spring Garden Slip-On Sneaker, Urban Outfitters ($18). Wear a pretty, pretty floral print on your feet — they’ll at least look like they smell good.

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Sweet Lips: Lancome’s New Limited-Edition Juicy Tubes

Honey is pretty awesome. The sweet, sticky nectar is known for its natural medicinal benefits like soothing sore throats and easing coughs. It also tastes good with peanut butter and makes Winnie-the-Pooh a very happy bear. But you know what else? It’s a great moisturizer, which is why Lancôme has made it the main ingredient in their limited-edition collection of Juicy Tube Glosses ($15 each).

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Love Your Body For Real

 A new Arizona State University study shows that one in four women would choose severe depression over being obese, and one in six would rather go blind than get that fat.
Um, what?!

This is crazy talk! And yes, the study involved 101 women in the Phoenix area — not thousands from across the country — but still. Think about that. What would your answer be to this game of Would You Rather Be Obese or Go Blind?

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