No More Waity, Katie Lippy and Lacquer

So, I guess, like, this Prince dude and this chick he met in college are getting married — have you heard about it?

I kid! The world is all over the royal union of Prince Billy (that’s what I like to call him) and his long-time sweetheart Kate Middleton. After a lengthy courtship, they’re finally tying the knot. In honor of Kate’s infinite patience, beauty brand butter LONDON has created No More Waity, Katie Lippy ($18) and No More Waity, Katie nail lacquer ($14).

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The Ultimate Prom Accessories

 If you’re headed to Prom this year, you probably have the dress covered by now. But have you thought about how to accent your look? Accessories are the most fun part! Here are a few ideas that won’t tip the ol’ budget scale:
 Wowie Zowie Heel, ModCloth ($118, shown). We know, these are pricey, but can you resist that sparkling glitter over a shimmering turquoise heel and clear candy-like bow detail? Cheaper sparkly shoes include: Gold Glitter Heels (Target, $30) and the DIY option!

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Cool Girl: Galia Slayen, 20, Model Student

 Barbie has it all: She’s always happy, dates hunky Ken, and manages to excel in about 349 different jobs (cheerleader, astronaut, president, etc.). But what if Barbie were a real person? Would we actually want to be her?
Well, in 2007, high school student Galia Slayen built a life-sized Barbie doll as part of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Depicting Barbie’s actual body shape as if she were a real person, the model (pictured with Galia) stands around six feet tall, and her measurements are 39-18-33. Suffice it to say — Barbie looks a bit freaky.

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Sex and the City: The Teen Years

Candace Bushnell, the legendary writer who inspired the character of Carrie Bradshaw via her newspaper column and book, Sex and the City, is chronicling Carrie’s adventures as a teenager in The Carrie Diaries books. Summer and the City (HarperTeen), book two, is out today! We sat down with Candace and talked Carrie:
I Heart Daily: Was imagining Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager hard to do?
Candace Bushnell: I adore the character and she’s certainly a part of me, so it was natural to know who she was.

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5 Bright and Bold Watches

This season, bold brights have taken over and put basic black in the corner to sulk (at least until November). And while most of us rely on our phone to tell the time, I’ve been taking it back to 1996 and actually donning a watch, partly as an excuse to wear a shock of color on my wrist.
Casio Multi-Function Sport Watch, Amazon ($24). This one touts a dual analog-digital display for you indecisive time-tellers, and is water resistant (wear it to the beach!). Also, check it out in hot pink.

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Cute Spring Jackets Under $50

 It’s cold. It’s warm — wait, it’s raining. Ah! It’s windy. Dangit.
As much as we’ve been touting spring, the weather is unpredictable, making it difficult to choose a temperature-appropriate outfit. A sweater might be too hot, but a cardigan not warm enough. Oh, the confusion!

But, this problem is easily solved by investing in a lightweight jacket. Or as I like to call it, an “inbetweener.” The not too heavy or light material keeps you feeling just right. Here are four coats that will keep your inner thermostat in check.

Women’s Ruffled-Collar Utility Jacket, Old Navy ($40, pictured). Ultility jackets continue to be an It item. This one comes in charcoal gray or white, and has a great basic shape, with a cute addition: a ruffle collar.

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RED Hearts: America 2049

Am2049 RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is from Zulay Regalado, 22, of Miami, Florida, who sings the praises of a video game with heart:

I enjoy zombie slaying and alien hunting as much as the next gamer. But I wouldn’t say I’m the best at it. Simply put: In the cyber-game food chain, I am bait.

So, when I discovered America 2049, a Facebook-based alternate reality game that launched this month, I was surprised at how my previously non-existent skills quickly took over. My mission, all set in the year of the game’s title, is to lead my team of agents on an intense search for an alleged terrorist (played by Harold Perrineau of Lost). To my even bigger surprise, I did not suffer a tragic, level-1 death, as I have in every other game I’ve played, but was simply able to “recharge” my depleted “energy” by digging for clues on the game’s futuristic search engine.

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Ecowasbal: The Eco-Friendly Washing Solution!

One thing you have to know before college: How to do your own laundry. I’m not going to walk you through that process, but I will give you a tip. One word: ECOWASBAL.

This soapless wonder takes the place of regular detergent. It’s a ball filled with small ceramic beads… and here’s where I’ll drop some science: When the beads come in contact with water, they create ions that reduce the surface tension of the water, activating water molecules to help release dirt from the fibers of your clothes, which totally retain softness, color and elasticity — ECOWASBAL is gentle!

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Crazy Cute Makeup Cases

At I Heart Daily, we talk a lot about makeup, but never about anything to put the makeup in. Well, that ends today! Having a cute cosmetic case is just as important as wearing the right lip gloss. But, we poo-poo your standard black pouch. Instead, here are four options with style.
Hello Kitty Pink Die-Cut Metallic Pouch, Sanrio ($26, pictured). Hello Kitty is the cutest fictional cat ever (sorry, Garfield). Here, she’s shiny pink, embossed in a croc print, and comes with a heart zipper pull. Cute attack!

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The Coolest Umbrellas For Spring

 It’s April, it’s rainy. You know the poem about flowers and showers, right? This month, a late afternoon storm can mean being caught outside without an umbrella, and that’s a day-ruiner. Especially if you’re wearing cute shoes.
So I found this app, Umbrella Today?, and it answers that simple question based on your location and the weather report. It’s $1.99, and so worth it. When the answer’s “Yes,” tote one of these beauties:

 Goldfish, ($28, pictured). You. In a fishbowl. In the rain.

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