How to Deal With a Breakup

Breaking up is the Worst. It feels like you can’t breathe, like you lost a best friend, like you’ll never get out from under the weight of the sadness you feel. Emo songs, sappy rom-coms and friend sympathy sessions can help. So can these ideas:
The I Will Survive Kit at modcloth ($13, pictured) comes with affirmation cards, healing bandages and a remedy booklet, plus a lifelike heart charm. Yes, it’s a little kitschy, but it’s a perfect breakup gift for a BFF who’s in pain, and it’ll make you laugh (which is excellent medicine).

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Hear(t) It: Cults

Favorite new band alert. The name is Cults, a duo comprised of San Diegan sweethearts Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, who now make their home in New York City. About a year ago, they posted some of their songs on the interwebs just for their friends to hear, and they became instant music blog darlings.

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5 Cute Colored Jeans

Spring is in the air! Howeverrrrr, it’s not quite warm enough to go bare-legged. But to bring in the sunshine, I’m investing in some fun pants. Blue denim and black jeans no more! Celebrate the advent of spring with some crazy colored pants!
BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans in Berry, Urban Outfitters ($58). Super bright pink pants = an extra skip in your step. Hippity hop!

Cropped Khakis in Green, Old Navy ($29.50). These relaxed pale green cotton pants are perfect for a walk in the park or a stroll down the boardwalk.

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Get Crazy-Shiny Nails for $3

I know that white tear-shaped item doesn’t look all that special. Does it deserve a name like Crazy Shine? The answer is YES. This unassuming new buffer from Revlon can turn your nails from dull to deliriously reflective in about 60 seconds (that’s a personal timeline for all ten fingers — and I am notoriously slow and lazy with self-manicures).
On unpolished nails, rub one side of the buffer to smooth the nail surface, and then use the other side to get a radiant shine (Revlon says your nails will be 400% shinier than before, and I’m inclined to believe it). If you’re polished up for spring, using just the shining side will bring a glossy refresh to your color.

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Fingerfood Jewellery Giveaway!

Things I love: Food, jewelry, miniature items. Oh, look! This site was made just for me: Fingerfood Jewellery. From the Sandwich Ring ($20, pictured) to the Cabbage Necklace ($30), I am smitten.
Each piece is hand-molded, so they all have their own individual quirks (they’re couture, if you will). And designer Bronwyn has generously offered to give away one item to two lucky I Heart Daily readers. You can go highbrow with French Macaroon Earrings ($25) or act low-key with your Hamburger Necklace ($30), which totally has cheese on it, by the way (I approve) — the winners get to take their pick of any designs available.

To enter to win, Like us on Facebook!

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RED Hearts: New Album from The Strokes, Angles

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is from Alison Smith, 20, of Brooklyn, New York, who reviews a new album from The Strokes:

The Strokes are back after five years, two months, and 19 days — some of us pay attention to such things — with their album Angles. Last time I wrote a RED Hearts on the Strokes, it was to call their 2001 debut, Is This It, the album of the decade.

While Angles doesn’t reach that legendary level, it does introduce an album in tune with the progression of band’s catalog. For the first time, some Strokes other than the singer Julian Casablancas had a part in writing songs, and the contributions show — with the occasional disconnected result, but usually in good ways.

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Toxic Metal To Be Limited In Tween Jewelry

Someone is looking out for you: the Center of Environmental Health. This California-based group is all about protecting us from yucky toxic chemicals. CEH brought a case against Tween Brands — a major jewelry retailer — to reduce the harmful materials in its products, namely cadmium. Because of the suit, starting in January 2012, Tween Brands will eliminate the cadmium from their jewelry. If Tween sells any item that is more than 0.03 percent cadmium (a level which means cadmium was not intentionally added), they will face a fine.

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Honestly WTF’s Awesome DIY Projects

Though the weekend was spring-like in Brooklyn, I spent most of my time indoors nursing a cold (yes, you can feel sorry for me). But I decided to multitask while watching hours of Netflix by going through the archives of Honestly WTF‘s DIY archives.
Honestly WTF is a website run by two stylish and fun ladies, Erica and Lauren. Some of their best features are the amazing DIY projects where they reconstruct clothes and accessories from more expensive versions — on-the-cheap. Each DIY comes with awesome instructions and step-by-step photos (that actually make sense!).

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Get the Haircut You Want

Remember Alma G. of The Alma Salon, the amazing hair stylist who told us about how to dye your hair the right way? When I went to see her, I brought her this picture of Carey Mulligan (left), and she totally gave me this look, with a little more length. Love it. So I asked her for tips on how to approach a salon appointment (always daunting, no?).
 Find a stylist who understands your hair. This could mean that the person has the same hair type as you (ideal), or someone who just demonstrates an understanding of your specific ‘do. “They should spend at least five minutes talking to you about what you want done, and they should have some ideas, too — you want to find someone creative and adventurous.”

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Book Giveaway: What To Wear, Where

There are probably a million fashion sites out there, but the one I check out every single day is Who What Wear. Its creators Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr have impeccable taste and walk the line between high-falutin’ fashion and down-to-earth casual perfectly.
Who What Wear’s second book, What To Wear, Where, just came out, and its glossy pages give you spot on, informative advice on what to wear to any occasion you can imagine. BBQ? They’ve got you covered. Job interview? Um, they tell you what to wear for both a conservative and creative career opportunity. Dog Park. Concert. Farmer’s Market. Check, check, check! These ladies know how to create fun, functional fashion, with head-to-toe ensembles, accessories and shoes.

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