5 Beauty Drugstore Buys

I’ve been happily making impulse buys on errand trips to my local Rite Aid and CVS. Lucky for you, I’ve weeded out the bad decisions, so now I present you with five cheap and affordable everyday beauty items that anyone can use.
 Nivea Creme ($1). If this little tin of moisturizing goodness isn’t in your bag right now, you’re missing out. This thick cream is the most amazing thing your dry skin will ever experience.

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Adspecs: Adjustable Glasses For All

I have a story follow-up. Almost two years ago, we posted an item about a pair of affordable glasses that would adjust to the needs of the wearer by using water as a magnifying agent. The inventor, Dr. Josh Silver, hoped to create these glasses for people in underdeveloped countries. Since this  initial story, he’s still been working away, and has improved upon his creation. They are now called Adspecs.
Today, the glasses work by using oil instead of water, but the concept is still the same: you add oil in between two lenses, and that alters the strength needed for the wearer.

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RED Hearts: Dressing Russian

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is by Charlotte Steinway , 22, reporting from New York City on Russian style by way of the Big Apple:

Although I’ve been feeling particularly inspired by the arctic chill that has graced the eastern US, it wasn’t until a birthday party last Friday night that I discovered an actual antidote to sub-zero temperatures: dressing Russian. And I’m not talking about Thousand Island’s condiment cousin.

When my friend sent out the invitation, I expected the evening to follow the implicit NYC birthday recipe: dinner with close friends, followed by a larger gathering with the dinner guests, plus extraneous Facebook friends. However, I was thrilled to find out she was hosting a highly original themed party — a Russian birthday celebration to take place in Brighton Beach, the part of Coney Island largely populated by immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

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Two Winter Lip Balms to Love

It’s lip balm season, man. My pucker is all cracked, all the time. I like to fill my coat pockets and my bags with various lip soothers, and I’ve found two favorites this winter.
Crazy Rumors has a “Brew” line of hot-tea inspired balms ($4 each, pictured) — it includes Peppermint Lemongrass, Orange Bergamot, Apple Spice and Spiced Chai. I know, fancy, right?! Each one not only soothes your lips, but also kinda makes you feel like you’re treating yourself to a deliciously warm beverage. Caffeine lovers, they also have a coffee line, “Perk” — and all of their products are made with natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. Snag a set of 4 for $15. We think Wills and Kate would approve.

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Hear(t) It: Cold War Kids

From Long Beach, CA, Cold War Kids have built their reputation on a jagged, rough-around-the-edges sound, pounding out songs with rhythmic disturbance and jerky minimalism. So, for devoted fans of CWK, their new album, Mine Is Yours, might sound a little… different. Okay, I’ll just say it: some might say that with their third full-length release, the CWK have gone “mainstream.” Lost is that indie joie de vivre, but the songs? They’re still pretty good.

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Get Vampire Diaries Style

A reader wrote to us recently asking us to do a fashion story about her favorite show (and book series by L.J. Smith), Vampire Diaries. We were happy to dive in, focusing on Elena‘s simple style. (Also find great Vampire Diaries inspiration boards onPolyvore!)

 Find a signature piece. Elena always wears a locket around her neck, no matter what look she’s working. Try this one from Serendipity by Suzanne ($18), inspired by the necklace that Elena gives Caroline on the show.

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$25 Gold Rings

I don’t wear much jewelry (mostly because I’m really good at losing things), but I prefer simplistic pieces to Liberace flair. These three gold rings are simple, pretty and affordable.
Libra Ring, elephantine ($25, pictured). I am totally in hearts with this handcrafted gold-filled wire ring. It’s the kind of ring I’ll never take off.

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Condoms And Lube And Candy… Oh No?

Usually when I read a news article, it’s easy for me to pick sides: yes or no, this or that. However, this item has left me conflicted.
As part of a World AIDS Day presentation at a New Hampshire high school, a group called AIDS Services provided safe-sex kits to students. Included in the kits were condoms (duh), flavored lubricant (hmm), and candy (what!?). It isn’t clear from the sourced story, but it seems as though when some parents complained about the contents, school officials took action and banned the group from distributing safe-sex kits to the school district.

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Websites With Time-Wasting Potential

As a reward for focusing on work for an hour or two, I let myself click around and find cool new sites (Anne and I even created a fun one, Before You Were Hot, which celebrates everyone’s awkward stages! That’s our latest entry, Dana, pictured). Here are my three latest favorite finds:
A Lot on Her Plate. Instead of pictures of skinny girls in heels, check out these shots of lovely ladies eating. Creator Dayna says, “I wanted to normalize the image of girls eating food, so that we don’t ever have to feel bad about being seen eating or (gasp) taking seconds in public.” Even Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel have submitted a photo, and so have Anne and I. You should submit!

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Everyday Sequins

With awards season underway, I’m pretty jealous that celebrities have so many reasons to wear sequins. It’s not like we “normal people” have the occasion to bust out some amazing bedazzled number. I can’t order my latte in that.
But why should Anne Hathaway have all the fun? Carrie Underwood doesn’t own the market on sequins! So here are five sequined pieces that will add some subtle sparkle — without blinding anyone.

Sequin Bow Headband, Wet Seal ($6). Add a touch of Blair Waldorf to your outfit with this pretty, but snazzy, headband.

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