Site We Heart: Rookie

Oh, Tavi. The 15-year-old author of the inimitable Style Rookie continues to impress me with the originality and ambition of her new project, Rookie, a website for teenage girls. It just launched, and though there isn’t much content yet, I’m more excited than a squirrel who stumbled upon an abandoned picnic.
Every month, Rookie will have a new theme, and September’s is “Beginnings.” Among its features is “Higher Learning,” a great compilation of essays by grownups like Dan Savage, Anna Faris and  Zooey Deshanel, who write about their memories of being a freshman and advice on how to get through those less-then-stellar moments.

But while I love the genuine teen advice, like how to not turn into a green-eyed monster (“Getting Over Girl Hate“), my favorite pieces are the silly but ingenious takes on teenage life. “Heart On My Sleeves” is a memoir told through the t-shirts of a girl’s favorite band, the Smiths, while this article matches cartoon characters to their teenage alter egos. I mean, comparing the Powerpuff Girls to the cast of Jawbreaker? AMAZING.

As Tavi says in her editor’s letter: “Rookie is not your guide to Being a Teen. It is not a pamphlet on How to Be a Young Woman. (If it were, it would be published by American Girl and your aunt would’ve given it to you in the fifth grade.) It is, quite simply, a bunch of writing and art we like and believe in.” Truth. ♥♥♥