Mental Health Advocate Hayley Winterberg, 16

Phoenix, Arizona’s Hayley Winterberg, 16, is a mental health rock star. She created a program for youth ages 13-23 who have dealt with mental health disorders, substance use and/or foster care-related issues. It’s called Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment (MY LIFE), and its goal is to improve mental health care in Arizona and across the country. This year, she won the mpower award from Mental Health America for her work encouraging youth to get help for and promote understanding of mental health conditions.
Very cool. We asked Hayley to sit and chat:

I Heart Daily: What inspired you to start MY LIFE?
Hayley Winterberg: I was diagnosed as bipolar at 12, and I found that there was no group that focused on youth who struggle with mental disorders. I wanted kids to know that they can be heard and they can have a voice. That they don’t have to just be stuck thinking, “Oh I’m crazy,” and having that self-stigma.

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Super Cute Sun Hats

I used to think that sun hats were for old people (mostly because my mom wore them). But I’m starting to form an affinity for them, as — surprise, surprise — they come in quite handy at the beach! I’m headed to the shore next week, and here are a few hats I’m considering taking with me, so I’m not Squinty McSquints A Lot. And guess what? They’re all packable, which means you can smush them up, and they’ll pop right back into shape!
Straw Sun Hat, L.L. Bean ($34, pictured). Here’s a cute hat for all occasions — on the beach or on-the-go. It’s lightweight and made of raffia, and also comes in a deep pink color.

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Website Love: The Beauty Brains

 “Get stronger, more luxurious hair in days!”
“Lashes that go on forever…”

“Lip gloss for the most kissable lips!”

These are all things that beauty companies claim their products do. Of course, grandiose exclamations about how _____ will change your life are part and parcel of advertising. How else would brands get us to choose their products? “Hey, this shampoo kind of smells good and won’t sting”?

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Indie Crafter Du Jour: Verabel

Even before I saw Verabel’s vintage Tiniest Peacock Feather Locket ($22, pictured), I was in love with her affinity for “black & white photographs, floating the river in July, birds, and matinees on Sunday.” Yes x 4. Those are a few of my favorite things. And her Etsy shop? It’s also full of goodness. Por ejemplo:
Teeny Tiny Horse Stud Earrings, $15. With tons of prance in their step, these guys are small but proud.

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RED Hearts: Book To Read, “Good Omens”

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is by Samantha Gillogly, 21, reporting from West Brookfield, MA, who kindly tells us about one of her favorite books:

A novel about the apocalypse written in 1990 may not sound like it would stay fresh for decades. But Good Omens is the kind of book that deals with fear, fear that the demise of our planet is growing closer every day, in a way that is as painfully relevant today as it was when it was published. War? Third World famine? A massive oil spill?  That was then, this is… also now.

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Affordable, Unique Flip Flops

I know people are already talking about fall fashion, but I’m still waaay into summer. So here’s a roundup of silly, crazy, fun flip flops. Because it’s always good to have a late-summer pair, just to mix things up. (And don’t forget these earth-friendly flip flops we featured last year.)
Grendha Starfish Jelly Flip Flop, DSW ($17, pictured). There are some gorgeous (and expensive) jelly flip flops out there, but this pair has all the translucent style, plus cute little starfish accent, without the hefty price tag.

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Your First Gyno Visit

Tampons, cramps, periods — oh, the joys of becoming a woman! Adding to that “fun” list of rites of passage is your first trip to the gynecologist, which is something that I bet most of you who haven’t been already are not especially looking forward to.

But that inaugural visit should come sooner than you think. According to an updated Committee Opinion of the
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, your first visit to the “woman doctor,” should come between the ages of 13 and 15. But before visions of stirrups and speculums dance through your head, know that this visit doesn’t have to include a pelvic exam.

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Read It: Three Comedies with Heart

These fun summer novels have a lot of laughs between them. What could be better for an in-the-sun read?
Girl Parts by John M. Cusick (Candlewick, out August 10th). This book is about two guys — one popular and one a loner — who feel disconnected from the world around them. Enter a Companion bot, a gorgeous redheaded robot named Rose who is supposed to encourage healthy bonds (and you can’t get too close to her — if you cross an intimacy boundary too soon, you get an electric shock). Girl Parts is hilarious and charming, and watching Rose find herself amidst all the tangle of wires and guys is way enjoyable.

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