Bella Should Have Dumped Edward

Eclipse opens today. (Team Jacob!) Oh, sorry, I got distracted. Anyway, Michelle Pan, 20, is the webmaster behind and author of the new fanbook Bella Should Have Dumped Edward. She stopped by to chat about all things Twilight.
I Heart Daily: What inspired you to start the site?
Michelle Pan: It was for my own entertainment purposes — I was 13 and looking for something to do with my spare time. I had been doing web design for about a year and I had just read Twilight that summer (2006). I went online and found that there weren’t many Twilight fansites, so I started my own. I never expected the site to get so big!

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Q&A: Nikki Blonsky talks “Huge”

Who caught the series premiere of Huge last night? If you didn’t, the show centers around a group of plus-size teens attending a weight-loss camp. Nikki Blonsky (she was awesome in Hairspray) stars as Willamena, a girl whose fitness-obsessed parents force her to go to the camp. “Will doesn’t want to change. Will is fine with who she is,” Blonsky says of her character. “Even after she’s made fun of for days for wearing boys’ clothes, having blue hair and not wearing any makeup, she doesn’t care. She doesn’t change and put on girls’ clothing or lipstick…. And that’s what I love about her.”
Read on for more from Nikki!

I Heart Daily: How does Huge break from a superficial perspective when compared to other teen-geared shows like 90210 or Gossip Girl?
Nikki Blonsky: I hope it just breaks all the boundaries in Hollywood. I hope that there are a lot more plus-size characters as love interests, as everything, as all the different roles.I think this is the first time we’ve ever had a plus-size cast in a TV show. I couldn’t be more honored than to be part of this one.

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Indie Crafter Du Jour: Mary Andrews of Contrary

Here’s some more DIY goodness to covet! Mary Andrews of Brooklyn, NY, makes a ton of great jewelry (you can peruse it all at her etsy shop, Contrary), but the items I’ve set my eyes on are her horoscope pendants ($26, pictured).
Available in every astrological sign, the charms are made from a thick brass piece that hangs from a romantic garland. They’re pretty much the perfect birthday gift.

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RED Hearts: Ryan Gosling’s Band is Good

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is by Amy Hunt, 20, reporting from Lexington, Kentucky. She’s got a band she wants you to hear:

You know who Ryan Gosling is? You do — or am I the only one who feels compelled to watch The Notebook every time it’s on TV? You may have even heard that he has a band, but you probably shrugged it off: Not another actor thinking he can start a music career. In fact, when I first mentioned the existence of Gosling’s band to a friend, she shot back, “They probably suck.” To which I replied, “Oh, I love them.”

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An Indestructible Soccer Ball

 The project, Hope Is A Game-Changer, was inspired by the day in 2005 when philanthropist and entrepreneur Bobby Sager met Moise, a former child soldier from the Congo, playing with a “soccer ball” made of garbage bags tied with string; Moise had made it himself.
Moved by the notion that even in war-torn, poverty-stricken countries, soccer is a source of joy and happiness to children, Sager began collaborating with his friend Sting and inventors Tim Jahnigen and Kevin McCarthy to develop an indestructible soccer ball that can withstand shards of glass, and sun and water damage — not mention being run over by a truck.

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A Guide to Your First Car

My mom made me take an auto maintenance class with her at the Chapel Hill Senior Center (!) when I turned 16. I griped a little, but the things I learned — how to change a tire, check my air filter, and set up jumper cables the right way — were pretty valuable.
That’s why I love Erika Stalder’s In the Driver’s Seat (Zest Books). It’s a girls’ guide to her first car, and it’s packed with tips and advice that help you navigate the driving world. (You already know to never text and drive, right?) The first chapters are on how to buy a car, so this book is good to pick up even if you’re not on the road yet.

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Affordable Art That Doesn’t Look Cheap

If you’re like me, you like art. You appreciate art. However, besides mass produced posters of Mirós and Rauschenburgs, you can’t really afford unique pieces of art. But, hello — that’s not really true! There’s lot of great affordable art out there to choose from. Here are three online places to check out.
20×200 sells limited edition prints at prices as low as $20 and as high as $2,000. Every single piece comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist. I love this print from Jane Mount’s “Ideal Bookshelf” series (pictured), because it has two of my favorite books on it — Charlotte’s Web and The Phantom Tollbooth

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Last-Minute, Feel-Good Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is this Sunday. Don’t panic! The good news is that you can still get an amazing gift for your dad and help the world, too. All of the organizations we mentioned on Mother’s Day will send out cards for your pops as well. Plus, here are three more worthy causes to which you can donate any amount you wish in Dad’s name. Rest easy, late shoppers — he’ll get a cool e-card that can be delivered instantly.
charity: water (e-card pictured). This non-profit brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations (there are a billion people on the planet who don’t have clean water). Because the organization receives company donations that pay administrative costs, 100% of public contributions go straight to water projects.

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Get Clear Summer Skin

Not to get all gross and personal, but in the summer, I tend to break out on my forehead, chin and neck. Ew, I know. I guess it’s from sweat and hormones (another ew) but it’s really frustrating.
This summer, I searched for a new fix and ended up trying everyday clarifying lotion by Glory for Girls ($12). (After all, I like their natural deodorant already.) I have to say, the red spots on my neck have faded significantly since I started using this lotion just a few days ago. Honestly, it smells kinda bad so I put it on at night before bed — they recommend once-a-day application — but in the morning after I wash my face, there’s no smell and I have clearer skin. Win-win.

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