Recycling Old Sweaters into New Loves

Sometimes you get attached to an old sweater — even if it has holes in it and smells weird and doesn’t quite fit right because it’s been stretched out or washed the wrong way or just plain worn too much. We understand. So does Reknit.
Each month, they unravel and recycle your sweaters to re-knit them into a different item for $30. Coming up in April? Laptop sleeves! The site’s creator, Haik, explains that his mom is the one who will turn your old sweater into a new laptop case. His mom obviously can’t do a million of these, so only the first 30 people to order get the goods.

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Hear(t) It: Tristen

As a young, budding songwriter, Tristen had hopes of “making it” in the music industry. She landed a publishing deal in the City of Angels, so there was success! But there was also disappointment. Thus, she moved onward and forth, and eventually ended up in Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Grand Ole Opry and mecca for country and folk music.

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Get Bright Eyes with Sugarpill Shadows

Amy, the creator of Sugarpill, is a burst of colorful fun. And her line of amazing pressed and loose eyeshadows for $12 each is even more high energy. With a focus on eyes — they’re the windows to the soul after all — Sugarpill‘s rainbow of bold colors will make any beauty-minded person squeal with delight.

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Indie Crafter Du Jour: Allison Cole of Bang Bang You’re Thread

So many crafts, so little time. We’re doing the work for you and finding the people who make the cutest handmade items on the Interwebs. First up is Allison Cole from Providence, Rhode Island who crafts under the name Bang Bang You’re Thread. The RISD graduate makes a plethora of aesthetically pleasing things to beautify your life.
Some of our favorites are her sets of stationary with original artwork. This multi-pack of five 5×7 cards (pictured) goes for only $7, while this three-pack of bird postcards goes for $3. (Get all 1992 on your friends, and impress them by writing a letter with no abbreviations.)

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RED Hearts: Laura Marling

RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today.
Today’s RED Hearts post is from Zulay Regalado, 21, reporting from Miami, Florida, who writes about her newest music obsession:

As a true music advocate, I am constantly searching for fresh, soulful voices to listen to while reading, stuck in traffic or simply taking a walk around my college campus. So when I discovered singer/songwriter Laura Marling while browsing online one night, I was instantly won over by her quaint demeanor and quirky lyrical persona that set her far beyond her youth (the girl turned 20 last month!).

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The Cutest Totebags You’ve Ever Seen

I’ll cut to the chase: Anne and I could get lost in a paper bag. We’ve been late to many a lunch because we turned the wrong way out of the subway, and without her iPhone, we’d never make it anywhere.
But I’ve discovered a low-tech, stylish solution for this problem: MAPTOTE. Founded by Rachel Rheingold, a fashion stylist, and Michael Berick, a cartographer, MAPTOTE makes simple cotton totes that are screened with cool schematic maps of tons of cities — from Austin to Brooklyn to Palm Springs to Paris. The bags feature the cities’ neighborhoods, icons and landmarks, so both locals and tourists will get a kick out of the designs (plus some sense of directional orientation — yes!).

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Teens Today Not Lazy Or Rude

If you were born between 1982 and 1999, you are part of Generation Me… and you’ve gotten a bum rap.
As the name indicates, Generation Me has the reputation of being a bunch of entitled, lazy, self-centered youth (yes, this is what people are saying about you). But a new study reveals you’re no more self-centered than teens were 30 years ago!

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The Perfect Lip Gloss for Spring

Poppy was 18 when she started creating lipstick. “I couldn’t find any I liked,” she says. “I wanted lipsticks that gave me the look of the 1940’s. Rich, opaque and filled with pigment.” Her line, Lipstick Queen, is total glamour, and her inspiration board is awesome and fascinating.
For spring, I’m loving her Shine line of hard-core gloss ($22). Inspired by the sexual revolution of the 1970s, Poppy says these glosses are designed “with an extra surge of female prowess.” They come in Saint and Sinner colors, and I tried out Gold Saint, which gave me an amazing golden sparkle — perfect for non-lipstick wearers who just want a super-shiny pout.

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Spring Trend: Ruffles!

Spring steez alert: Ruffles are in. I admit — I’m not a girly dresser, so when I think of ruffles I immediately think of princesses and sorority rushers, but even I can’t escape the allure of a little fluff on my duds! Here are five pieces with varying degrees of ruff’.
1. Strapless Romper, Old Navy ($20, pictured). Rompers may not be practical for when you have to pee, but there’s something about a onesie that is so alluring. Old Navy’s version is perfect for a day in the sun, and comes in electric blue or black.

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Smell Like A Sophisticated Cupcake

Maybe it’s because of my penchant for tasty treats and baking — I l-o-v-e vanilla scented products. But! There is a fine line between smelling like a cupcake and giving off a sophisticated sugary scent. Here are five scrumptious products that will satisfy your sweet tooth (nose?) without giving you a cavity.
1. Pure Vanilla, The Healthy Body Butter, La Vanila ($10). Smells good + paraben-free + no toxic chemicals = awesome lotion.

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