RED Hearts: Advice on Dog Adoption

RED Hearts are guest posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today
Today’s RED Hearts post is from Annie Littlewood, 21, reporting from Overland Park, Kansas, who has advice on pet ownership:

I always had a dog during childhood. Our last dog, a German shepherd named Buddy Love, had to be put to sleep a couple of months after I graduated from high school.

It took four years for me to finally decide it was time for a new companion. Then for months, my boyfriend Pieter and I discussed making a home for our friend’s Boxer’s soon-to-be puppies. When we met Captain Mauser, two days after his birth, we knew immediately he was the one.

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Flair For Your Couch

Can you ever have enough pillows? They’re good for napping, sleeping, propping your head up while watching American Idol, or just for adding some stylish flare to a couch or chair. Needless to say, pillows are a necessary component for comfy living.
Currently, I’m coveting the pillows at Beth’s Etsy shop diffractionfiber. They’re quirky, cute and unique, and they come in a variety of styles — kind of perfect for personalizing a dorm room.

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Hear(t) It: Beach House, “Teen Dream”

I’ve been a fan of Beach House‘s woozy, dream-like sounds since my friend Sandra turned me on to their first album back in 2006. The duo — Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally — from Baltimore, Maryland release their achingly beautiful third album, Teen Dream, today on SubPop.
The nine tracks are what you expect from Beach House — deliberate yet gentle songs that fill the air with mystery, desire and longing <insert heavy sighs>. Vintage organs and drunk-sounding guitars swirl together, while Legrand’s weary but enchanting voice completes each song’s hypnotic drone.

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Photobooth Fun For Your iPhone

I have an iPhone. While I’m not app crazy (I will not download the fart app), I enjoy the various photo applications available. One of my favorites is Shake It Photo, which turns any photo you take into a vintage-looking Polaroid snapshot.
To further satiate my need for retro-like photos with the ease of modern technology, I found Photo Booth Classic. The program turns your pictures into a four-frame photobooth strip that you can upload to Facebook, Twitter, or print out to put in your locker, scrapbook or bedroom wall. Photo Booth Classic Plus in Color and B&W costs $1.99 and Photo Booth Classic in Black & White Only is $.99 cents. Considering a real photobooth cost about $3 a pop, this is a spend-worthy purchase!

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Single-Shouldered Dresses On A Budget

Watching the Golden Globes on Sunday night got me thinking about single-shouldered dresses. A lot of ladies showed off one shoulder looks, including this dress worn by Reese Witherspoon that made me want to achieve her subtle sassiness. Here are five options suitable for dressing down, for date night, or a fancy evening out!
1. One Shoulder Stud Dress, Wet Seal ($20, pictured). This flouncy denim dress is the perfect blend of girly and tomboy, with studs adorning the shoulder strap.

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How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

I was in Rio de Janeiro for Fashion Week recently (see my coverage on and I noticed a beauty trend that I love: Big brows! I’m so into thick, well-shaped eyebrows, like the ones on this gorgeous model in the Victor Dzenk show.
I asked Beauty Blogging Junkie and Daily Makeover Editor Amber Katz if she thought the look was possible for us non-runway types, and she said yes! Here’s her advice:

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Segregated Prom… No More

While watching Prom Night in Mississippi, I was a little bit shocked that it was filmed in 2008. Charleston High School in Charleston, Mississippi integrated in 1970, but they still held a Black Prom and a White Prom through 2007. Then Morgan Freeman (you know, the Oscar-winning actor, who’s a Mississippi resident) suggested they go with just one prom, which he would pay for. His offer was ignored by the school board in 2007, but accepted by the students in 2008. As Freeman says, “If it’s left up to the students, it’s gonna be fine.”
This documentary uses student diaries and emotional interviews — as well cartoon reenactments — to show what kids, parents and school officials in the town think about integrating the Prom. We see interracial couples, parents raised to pass on a racist mentality and kids who just plain aren’t sure what to think about how divided their school is. It’s unsettling, fascinating, heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time — like a really great episode of MTV’s “True Life.”

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