Teen Acne Linked to Suicidal Thoughts

 This was an upsetting piece of news to read: Teen acne is linked to suicidal thoughts.
The recent study was published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The article states that teens with severe acne are more likely to think about suicide, due to feeling depressed about their appearance (girls with acne are twice as likely and boys three times as likely to consider suicide). For the study, Dr. Jon Anders Halvorsen of the University of Oslo surveyed 3,775 Norwegian teens aged 18-19, about how acne has affected their mental health.

Note that these are not teens who have attempted suicide (they’ve just thought about it), but even contemplating such a thing is frightening and very serious.

As a person who had acne in high school and college (I still break out to this day!), I can empathize with these feelings of low self-esteem due to bad skin. It really does affect how you feel about yourself, but don’t be shy about talking to your parents or friends about it, or scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist for professional help. I promise, it gets better.