Style Blogger: Arabelle, 17, of Fashion Pirates

Arabelle’s mini-biography on her fantabulous blog, Fashion Pirates, is simply irresistible: “I am weird and I enjoy it. I believe in girl power and pin-up girls. Let’s talk.” Yes, shall we?
I Heart Daily: Why/when/how did you start blogging?

Arabelle Sicardi: Almost four years ago now, I suppose! January 14th 2007 to be exact. My birthday. I started blogging because I was reading all of these other blogs and wanted to contribute (read: my friends couldn’t get me to shut up and suggested I start my own ¬†blog so people who would understand what I was talking about could read my rants).


IHD: Who are your favorite designers?

AS: Comme des Garcons and all of the diffusion lines are forever my loves, but I’m also partial to Miu Miu and Rodarte and Nozomi Ishiguru, and I can’t get Celine off my mind. Ohne Titel is pretty killer as well. I like people who try hard, revel in their creativity and don’t apologize for what they design.

IHD: Favorite places/ways to shop?

AS: I mostly only shop at thrift stores and vintage stores, I’m a big fan of my local vintage.

IHD: What’s on your wish list right now?

AS:¬†New shoes! Nicholas Kirkwood for Prabal Gurung this season is making me drool so much… but I’m in the market for new Jeffrey Campbells. Gotta save up. And I’m also saving up for a new item from Comme des Garcons — I want my own archive.

IHD: What do you love most about the fashion blogging community?

AS: I love that we’re all on the same wavelength — we get all the references to all the collections we talk about with each other. We also usually like the same things outside of fashion — design in general, good books… when you come across a blogger you like and talk to them chances are you’ve instantly made a great (and instant) friend.