Spring Trend: Ruffles!

Spring steez alert: Ruffles are in. I admit — I’m not a girly dresser, so when I think of ruffles I immediately think of princesses and sorority rushers, but even I can’t escape the allure of a little fluff on my duds! Here are five pieces with varying degrees of ruff’.
1. Strapless Romper, Old Navy ($20, pictured). Rompers may not be practical for when you have to pee, but there’s something about a onesie that is so alluring. Old Navy’s version is perfect for a day in the sun, and comes in electric blue or black.

2. Zip Me Dress, Roxy ($40). Three tiers of asymmetrical ruffles make this tank dress casually dressy. It comes in basic black or in a neon pink-and-blue palmetto print, with a contrasting back zipper. Hello, go-to summer outfit! Ha-cha-cha.

3. Liberty of London Ruffle Dress, Target ($30). Target’s Liberty of London collaboration is aces, and so is this peacock print smock with bow-tie straps. If you like this ditty, also check out some of the line’s other ruffly options.

4. Corset Cami, American Eagle ($15.50). In army green, this lingerie-inspired top with a wide ruffle hem is the perfect blend of girly and tomboy.

5. Swan Lake Mini, Fred Flare ($40). All you wannabe ballerinas out there — this mesh, tutu-like skirt will have you dancing en pointe (or at least trying to). Wear it with a basic tank, and start practicing your tour jetes in the hallway.