Hear(t) It: Tristen

As a young, budding songwriter, Tristen had hopes of “making it” in the music industry. She landed a publishing deal in the City of Angels, so there was success! But there was also disappointment. Thus, she moved onward and forth, and eventually ended up in Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Grand Ole Opry and mecca for country and folk music.

Though she used to pen radio-friendly pop music that appeared on TV shows like Everwood and Felicity, the songs she’s writing now are devoid of the shiny veneer of Hollywood. Thanks in part to her new town, the 26-year-old transplant has found her talent for writing beautiful, melodic songs, combining the sounds of
folk, country and pop, that she sings with her girlish, yet defiant, voice.

Right now, she only has a five-song tour EP available (listen to it on her MySpace), including the pop-folk jaunt “Matchstick Murder,” the country-fied ballad, “Battle of the Gods,” and the hauntingly powerful, “Eager For Your Love.”

Check out her video for “Matchstick Murder,” and look to see if she’s coming through your town on her spring tour!

Tristen: “Matchstick Murder” from Tristen on Vimeo.