Get Bright Eyes with Sugarpill Shadows

Amy, the creator of Sugarpill, is a burst of colorful fun. And her line of amazing pressed and loose eyeshadows for $12 each is even more high energy. With a focus on eyes — they’re the windows to the soul after all — Sugarpill‘s rainbow of bold colors will make any beauty-minded person squeal with delight.
These are richly pigmented colors, so when you wear them, you will stand out in a crowd. From Decora pink to Buttercupcake yellow (pictured) to Tiara silver, give your lids a burst of fun. Seventy-five percent of Sugarpill’s products are vegan (look for the vegan symbol!). That means no animals have been anywhere near the stuff, except maybe Amy’s cat, who also happens to be the Sugarpill mascot.

Amy knows that experimenting with color can be scary, so Sugarpill also offers video tutorials on how to create super-fun specific looks. Right now, I’m loving Zoffe’s Burning Heart look.

Go ahead, get rainbow bright.