Top 5 RED Hearts of 2009

To commemorate 2009 — our launch year — we’re rounding up our Top 5 posts from each category. Today, five of the year’s RED Hearts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today, chosen by Amy Goldwasser, RED‘s editor.
1. The Little Red Heart Project (pictured). Pieces of 16-year-old Cammi Henao‘s heart are all over her hometown of Chicago now, thanks to this social art movement.

2. Get Smart‘s Agent 99. Jordyn Turney, 20, of Alpine, CA, explained a 60s TV character’s extreme level of awesome.

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Top 5 Style Posts of 2009

To commemorate 2009 — our launch year — we’re rounding up our Top 5 favorite posts from each category. Today: a year full of Style.
1. The Most Comfortable Sneakers Ever (pictured). The price of the Fei Yue Wushu Shoeshas gone down from $15 to $11, and these are still the best all-around pair of shoes I own. And so cute!

2. Blog Love. Our interviews with Kori (The Fashion-y Blog), Casey (Teen Fashionista), Noel (Miss Couturable), Gabrielle (Quirky and Co.) and Kylie (Nice and Shiny) offer some of the best style tips and fashion inspiration! These girls have knowledge, opinions and enthusiasm for days.

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Top 5 Entertainment Posts Of 2009

I Heart Daily’s official launch date is debatable, but it’s been approximately one year of good times. Cheers!
To commemorate 2009 — our launch year — we’re rounding up our Top 5 favorite posts from each category. Today’s is entertainment. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

1. Flashback: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Sassy was arguably the best teen magazine that ever lived. Its April ’92 issue featured Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love — the poster couple for grunge romance. We interviewed Christina Kelly, the former Sassy editor who talked to Kurt and Courtney 17 years ago. She gave us the back story of that interview, and we gave it to you.

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Vote With Your Dollars!

Now that the flurry of wrapping presents and shopping is over (except for you super last minute shoppers — haven’t you learned your lesson?), here’s something awesome I want you to buy for the new year. It’s a book called the Better World Shopping Guide, by Ellis Jones, a professor at the University of California, Davis, and founder of Better World Network.
The book is a pocket-sized guide on how to make the best buying decisions based on five criteria: human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement, and social justice. The book covers everything from candy to banks to beauty products, and gives each product a grade from A – F.

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Female Drummers Get Their Due

We’ve always been into female drummers (remember the amazing Sara?). So when I heard about Tom Tom magazine, a publication devoted to female drummers, I had to check it out.
Tom Tom was started by Mindy Abovitz, the drummer for Taigaa, an all-female experimental post-punk band. She produced the magazine’s first print issue this winter, and it’s filled with profiles of lady wailers like Frankie Madeline Rose of Frankie & the Outs and the Dum Dum Girls (another favorite of ours), double drummers Lizzi Bougatsos and Sadie Laska of I.U.D., and Andrya Ambro of Talk Normal.

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Beauty Blogger: Joanna Canton of My Skin Affair

Joanna Canton is a writer and actress with the cutest pixie haircut (pictured) who created My Skin Affair, a site with skin care product reviews and celebrity interviews (this month: The HillsStephanie Pratt). She believes that a good skin care routine can be uplifting and inspiring. Who are we to argue? Let the wisdom begin!
I Heart Daily: What are some of your favorite body care splurges?

Joanna Canton: I’m in love with Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant and Healthy Body Butter in their “vanilla coconut” scent. Delicious! Korres Pomegranate Makeup Removing Wipes are the absolute best. I love the way they smell and they make my face feel so refreshed. Julique Lavender Body Oil is amazing. I’m a fool for the scent of lavender. It takes me to another place.

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Model Spotlight: Gigi Paris of Delia*s

If you recognize this girl’s face, it’s probably because she’s one of Delia*s featured models. Jehane “Gigi” Paris is a 17-year-old high school senior from Miami who has been modeling for Delia*s since she was 14. Of course she’s more than just a pretty face! Read on.
I Heart Daily: How did you get your start in modeling?

Gigi Paris: 
It was so unexpected. I would always visit my grandmother in New York City for the summer. On my thirteenth summer, we went to a event for new and upcoming designers. One of the designers asked if I could model for his new clothing line called “June.” It was really fun, so as soon as I got back to Miami, I started looking into modeling agencies and it went from there.

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