Stay-Home Shopping

Today is the biggest shopping day of the year, and therefore we cannot think of anything more nightmarish than going shopping. The crowds! The checkout lines! The thrashed merchandise! Yee-uck.
Here are three sites we love for stay-in shopping and saving.

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Daisy Rock Guitars

Everyone should learn to play an instrument. It doesn’t matter if it’s the piano, violin, French horn or Didgeridoo, what matters is the joy that playing music brings to your life (if you can play the Didgeridoo, color me very impressed and a bit jealous).
However, in my humble opinion, few instruments can top the fun of the electric guitar. The power! The whammy bar! The loud noises you can make! With just three simple chords, you can play the entire Ramones oeuvre. But instead of your basic black axe or classic sunburst model, why not go for something with a little more pizazz? Perhaps, something with…sparkle? This is why we love Daisy Rock guitars.

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Etsy Find: Button-Up Your Scarf!

Scarves are a necessary clothing accessory in the winter, without one, you’re screwed. But, despite all their cold weather attributes — warm, fuzzy, cozy — one of the things I hate most about scarves is the process of putting them on. How many times do I wrap it around my neck? Once, twice? Or should you just flip it once over your shoulder? Ah! It just never looks right! That’s why this scarf from Victorianbird on Etsy is the perfect solution: a scarf that buttons and stays put!

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Baby-Saving Bird

In general, birds-as-pets can be a bit squawky. They’re constantly going on and on about… well, who knows what? I mean, if they can say three words, that’s cute. For five minutes.
But recently, we read a story that cast chatty birds in a new light. Because if a parrot can save a baby, we shouldn’t really be talking smack.

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Cooking Mama…Kills Animals?

If you dabble in video games, then you’re probably familiar with Cooking Mama, the popular Nintendo game where you chop, boil, slice and dice your way to high scores. In comparison to World of War Craft and Grand Theft Auto, what could be more innocent than a smiley woman cooking a wholesome meal, right? WRONG.

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Your Shirt: A History

Sometimes you have t-shirts in your closet that you never wear, that really don’t fit and that are just plain clutter. But the thing is, they have a history. You know your shirts’ back stories, which makes them special. And you just can’t see your beloved band tee put into a thrift store where no one will recognize that you wore it on the first day of 7th grade!
We understand. And we’ve found a solution.

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