Cool girl: Arielle Wisotsky of Help Darfur Now

Think high school field trips don’t change lives? Think again.
Back in 2005, Arielle Wisotsky visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. with her high school class. There she learned of the genocide going on in Darfur for the first time. It deeply affected her and realized she couldn’t just stand there letting another tragedy happen (her grandmother is a Holocaust survivor). So, Arielle decided to take action. Educating herself on Darfur, she then started to educate others by forming the non-profit Help Darfur Now with two of her friends, David and Eric Messinger.

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Take That, Hat Head!

It’s getting cold, and that’s a great reason to wear scarves. They’re cute and fashionable, and they’re a good way to work the plaid trend into your ensemble. We have no issues with scarves.
Hats, however, can cause trouble. They muss up your hair and create static flyaways — it’s a mess. We understand. That’s why we talked to three beauty experts and got these tips, so you don’t have to choose between a cold head and a hot hairdo.

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Cool girl: Kelly, 13, Jewelry Queen












The word “decoupage” is clunky, and it makes us think of the Home Shopping Network and Rosie O’Donnell. But thirteen-year-old Kelly Alexandra is changing our perspective with her carefully constructed floral decoupage necklaces and her Chinese decoupage earrings with black crystal beads and satin ribbon. Some of her jewelry takes days to create by hand, so that makes her like a teen couture queen in her hometown of Dallas, Texas.

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Like Water for Jewelry

We’re of the opinion that everyday items can be really pretty. If, you know, you can see them artistically. Okay, maybe not dirty socks, but even dust bunnies have their whimsical moments. And there’s something especially pretty about water mid-drop, before it makes that annoying drip, drip, drip sound. So, obviously, this Water Faucet Necklace is based on just the right moment in time. That would be Before the Fall.

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