August 31, 2015

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Winter Skin Tips & Win Mustela Products!

Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream 200ml US

Dry winter skin is a big bummer. A secret tip I've found is that baby products are often just what I need to feel pampered and soft -- they're good for all ages. And I have backup on my scientific theory: Dr. Mona Gohara, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University Department of Dermatology, gave us a few tips and product picks to help (and you can win all the products she mentions, and more from Mustela -- see below!): ♥ Be gentle. "Avoid using anything abrasive on your skin, like a … [Read more...]

The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin


It's crazy cold outside. Like, the kind of cold that makes me want to stay in pajamas all day and watch movies. Oh, wait, I want to do that every day. But especially today. Alas, I have things to do. So I'm glad I tried Ellovi Butter ($26 per jar), an all-natural, six-ingredient moisturizer that really feels like I'm slathering my skin with something a superhero would use. It's thick and slick, and though it does linger on the skin a bit, it absorbs after just a few minutes and leaves skin … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty 2013


This was the year we talked about goth lipstick, getting the smoothest leg shave and celebrities' favorite lip shades. Beauty is always fun, but here are our five favorite prettifying posts of 2013: ♥ Break Into Beauty. Courtney and Brit Dunlop's book is full of practical and fun ways to get your start in the beauty biz, whether you dream of writing, marketing or even package design (or naming the colors -- who hasn't dreamed of doing that?). ♥ How to work runway beauty. Mermaid … [Read more...]