August 30, 2015

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Guest Blogger: Felicia Loves Her Smashbox O-Gloss


I’ve always been a lipstick kind of girl.  Lipstick isn’t sticky, the scent is bearable, and it stays on for the amount of time I need it to.  With that being said, lip gloss has never been a friend of mine -- until now. Smashbox’s O-GLOSS waltzed into my life as an impulse purchase at $22, and hasn’t left my makeup bag since. The gloss magically transforms into the wearer’s perfect shade of pink. It feels light, has almost no scent, and is perfect for either day or … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger: Claire, 16, Tells a Fascinating Tale of Scientific Scandal!


Ever since freshman year in biology class, I've been interested in DNA studies. One day while learning about DNA scientists, one women really stood out. Her name? Rosalind Franklin. Her discoveries, although low in the recognition department, are high in importance and distinction. Rosalind being a British biophysicist (someone who attempts to explain why our biophysical environment works the way it does) amongst other things, was best known for her advancements and bits in the discovery of … [Read more...]