November 24, 2013

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Battle Colds and Sniffles with Cute


I can't help but notice that everyone and their mom, literally, is getting sick. I myself am recovering from a nasty cold, and while lots of tea, soup and Kleenex has helped me regain my strength, there's nothing like some cute, sick accessories (yes, they exist!) to get you through the sniffles, wheezing and coughs. ♥ Heart Shaped Straws ($8). When I'm in the depths of my feverish misery, I can't even muster the strength to lift my head a fraction off the pillow to take a sip of ginger … [Read more...]

Cute & Colorful Computer Keyboards

rainbow keyboard

Plain old computers do the trick, but they're not very fun. Here are three cute ways to tune up your keys! ♥ Colorful Keyboard, Miracle Decal ($12, pictured). Type the rainbow. ♥ Multi-Colored Floral Keys, Accessory Geeks ($25, on sale). Stop all that work and smell the roses! ♥ 13 Colors, ebay ($2.50). At this price, you can choose a few options and change up your keyskins weekly. Gotta keep people guessing.   … [Read more...]

New! Sonia Kashuk Bath & Body


Sonia Kashuk is one of our favorite things about Target. Her high-quality, yet affordable makeup always has a place in my collection of beautifiers (I swear by her red lipstick). Now, we're pleased as punch that she's launched a bath and body line, with shower gels, hand creams, oils, scrubs and lotions. The collection comes in four scents: Pink Innocencia (tuberose, magnolia, amber), Yellow Alluriana (citrus, verbena),Red Promisia(sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine) and Purple … [Read more...]