August 29, 2015

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Indie Crafter du Jour: Homework Party


It's hotter than H-E-double-hockey-sticks, but I'm already thinking about fall. I love summer, but one can only take so many days of frizzy hair and pit stains. Hellllp.... One thing I'm looking forward to is wearing my beloved Levi's denim jacket. It's pretty much perfection. In preparation, I've been collecting a bunch of pins to decorate it and now I'm researching patches. And I think I've found The Ones. They come way of Brooklynite Angela Stewart who lovingly hand-embroiders … [Read more...]

Perfect Dorm Storage Solutions

It's hard to put your entire life into a new, small dorm room when the time comes. There are entire shopping aisles devoted to this issue at big box stores like Target and Wal-Mart, but what to buy? The key is having good storage solutions. So we asked Jeff Gawronski of to share his best tips: ♥ You need storage that doesn't take up too much floor space, so go vertical where you can. "Snap Dorm Cubes have an easy, no tools required assembly with lightweight, plastic-sheet … [Read more...]

Friday Flair: You’ve Been Pinned


Sweet, sweet Friday. It's been a long week. I, for one, have been sick and out-of-commission with a nasty cold, but I woke up today feeling only 50% crappy! So I'm celebrating with treating myself to, what I like to call, "Friday Flair" -- a little pick-me-up for surviving a long, tiresome week. Today's "Friday Flair" are these super cute enamel pins. I love putting them on my totes bags or jean jacket for a little personality pop. ♥ Cool Story Bro, LukeDrozd ($7, pictured). Perfect for … [Read more...]