November 23, 2013

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Read It: Two Summer Books!

the ruining

Becca from Rancho Santa Margarita Library in Rancho Santa Margarita, California sent us these two reviews of summer books we shared with her library's book club. Thanks, Becca! The Ruining by Anna Collomore (pictured) is about a girl named Annie who spends her summer as a nanny for a wealthy family on a vacation island. At first it feels like paradise, but when strange things begin to happen and Annie starts hallucinating, she wonders what's real and what's illusion. Becca says, "It was an … [Read more...]

More Summer Must-Haves!


Today's post is from I Heart Daily's Los Angeles correspondant Joanne Davenport, 13, who's found five summer essentials that aren't too late to try! This summer I have been on the hunt for the perfect products to use at the beach, pool and going out at night. I made a list that has my favorite five things from this summer! ♥ Kate Somerville Tanning Wipes (pictured). These wipes are great, because if you get an uneven tan they can help even it out, and they can also be used to give the … [Read more...]

5 Collared Shirts $40 and Under


Today’s post is from I Heart Daily’s Los Angeles correspondant Joanne Davenport, 13, who found five shirts that are as stylish as they are affordable! One of my favorite styles this year is the collared top. They can be worn in a dressier look, or even in just a casual everyday look. They come in all different styles, with lace collars, sequined collars, a large variety of colors. They can be worn many different ways and are a must-have in anyone’s closet. ♥ Seen in Style Top in … [Read more...]