August 29, 2015

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Upgrade Your Room for < $70

Chloe Belchamber, 17, is an I Heart Dailyreader and the owner and director ofWeekend Muse. In between studying Journalism & Communication at the University of Queensland in Australia, she wrote this genius guest post for us (she can also teach you how to do that amazing eyeliner application pictured). Follow her on twitterand tumblr if you like what you see here! Below, Chloe shares 5 ways to upgrade your room for under $70 — in fact, you can get started for free (see idea … [Read more...]

Reader Book Reviews!

2 books

Today, two readers review new books! First, Kaitlin, 15, blogs about books, movies and TV on Dark Faerie Tales. She reviews Amber Hart's After Us (out now): ♥ "After Us is a contemporary novel, but it has some aspects of a thriller. Javier joins a gang, hoping to avenge his cousin, and that added the scenes necessary to keep me interested in reading on. After all, guns and drugs and danger really amp up the suspense, so even though I had a little bit of trouble getting into After Us, … [Read more...]

Lia, 18, Says Goodbye to High School

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 2.37.51 PM

Reader Lia, 18, from Honolulu, Hawaii, loves "baking (and then eating), dachshunds, hammock-ing, beach-ing, photographing, and naturally, writing." In her first guest post for I Heart Daily, she shares some favorite high school memories (that's her graduating in major leis at left). Congratulations, Lia! The floor is yours: "For the past couple days, I’ve been thinking through all the ways I can now say I went to high school. Past tense. Teenage angst has consumed the best of me. Like, is … [Read more...]