November 23, 2013

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Body Diversity Matters


A recent study in PLoS ONE shows that the more we see a range of body sizes, the more accepting we become of different-sized bodies. So if you saw too much footage of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last week, you may need to detox. In the study, showing women thin bodies made them like thin more, and showing them fat bodies (examples at left) made them like fat more -- it was that simple. Lynda Boothroyd, a psychology researcher at Durham University in England who led the study, calls … [Read more...]

Cute & Colorful Computer Keyboards

rainbow keyboard

Plain old computers do the trick, but they're not very fun. Here are three cute ways to tune up your keys! ♥ Colorful Keyboard, Miracle Decal ($12, pictured). Type the rainbow. ♥ Multi-Colored Floral Keys, Accessory Geeks ($25, on sale). Stop all that work and smell the roses! ♥ 13 Colors, ebay ($2.50). At this price, you can choose a few options and change up your keyskins weekly. Gotta keep people guessing.   … [Read more...]

Read It: Rookie Yearbook Two

rookie full cover

Our love for Rookie is well documented. And this yearbook, the second one in two years? It's like a swoon-filled date with the person you've been online chatting with forever but hadn't yet met in person. Sigh. How do we love Rookie Yearbook Two? Let us count the ways: ♥ Gorgeous photo shoots that show us doable DIYs and real-life girls with real-life bodies and hair and cooler-than-ever accessories and personal style. ♥ Thoughtful essays about a huge variety of things, like … [Read more...]