August 29, 2015

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Rainbow Boxes of LGBTQIA Books!

Inspired by the We Need Diverse Books campaign, authors Cori McCarthy and Amy Rose Capetta have embarked on a project called Rainbow Boxes. Each package contains 15 carefully selected LGBTQIA books, and the goal is for a Rainbow Box to be sent to a community library and a GSA or LGBTQIA homeless shelter in every state in the U.S. "We want these books to reach teenagers who need to see themselves in stories," say the founders. "We also want to push back against the notion that these … [Read more...]

When Someone You Love Dies…

Vivian lost her mom when she was 10 (that's her mom Delia, left) and her grandmother Blanca when she was 21. She realized that when she was a kid, grieving was accepted, but as an adult, she was expected to move on quickly from her loss. It didn't quite feel right, so she created a space, Too Damn Young, where people can share their stories of grief, and also tell tales about the lives of their loved ones. "When someone dies you focus on the death so much more than on their life," she writes. … [Read more...]

Read It: The Best YA of August

There are so many books that we are psyched about in August that I don't want to use too many words in this intro. I'm getting right to it. Here are six novels we think you'll love this month: ♥ Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly. They had me at "Sherlock meets Veronica Mars" and the two main characters sound like they'll have the kind of chemistry we cannot resist. ♥ Not After Everything by Michelle Levy. When smart, athletic, popular Tyler's mom commits suicide, … [Read more...]