August 29, 2015

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If Ursmart, You’ll Dig These Shirts

space shuttleBeing a jeans and tee girl doesn’t mean you’re a Plain Jane. Case in point, these shirts by indie label Ursmart are anything but basic.

Calling themselves a “design group that that aims at making unique clothing for women,” Ursmart does not take the minimalist approach to fashion. Instead, they create crazy, bright prints and graphic images for un-boring, un-plebeian outfits. Here are a few of our un-ordinary favorites!

 Space Shuttle Loose T-Shirt ($24.50, pictured). Miss your chance at rocketing into space? It’s OK, most of us did. Wear this shirt and pretend you’re swinging on Saturn.

 Funny Signs Collector Chiffon T-Shirt ($20). Introducing the perfect piece for you button-loving people. This shirt lets you wear hundreds of different kinds without poking little holes everywhere.

 Triangle Sequins Batwing T-Shirt ($22.50). Sometimes one big shiny triangle is all you need.

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