August 29, 2015

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Charge Your Phone With a Book

book_iphone_chargerMost people are super neurotic when it comes to their iPhone charge. Me? I live on the edge. Even when my phone is at 5%, I still try to play my turn at Words With Friends. As a result, my phone dies and I go off-the-grid for a few hours.

But I think I’ve finally found the solution that will cure me of this bad habit! A charger that is so aesthetically charming, that I will actually look forward to docking my phone. These iPhone book chargers by Floridian crafter Nometileus Maximus Canterwick (his friends call him “Gnome”) come disguised as hardback editions of literary classics: Alice in Wonderland ($54, pictured), Wuthering HeightsGreat Expectations, and The Odyssey are a few choices.
These cleverly designed iPod and iPhone chargers can sit on a desk, bookshelf or table without appearing like electronic gadgets. This one is going on my wish list (mainly because I only read the Cliff Notes in college and I still feel guilty about it).

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