August 30, 2015

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Cute Temporary Tattoos For Good

Want to get a tattoo that you can justify to your parents? Here you go:

The Temporary Tattoo Project has collaborated with six artists to create temporary tattoos that benefit Flying Kites’ Child Sponsorship Program. Translation: Getting one of these tattoos helps one of the over 2 million orphaned children in Kenya. Flying Kites runs a Leadership Academy there where children from the streets receive medical care and a solid education.

For The Temporary Tattoo Project, each artist was paired with a Flying Kites child in need of sponsorship. These kids inspired the tattoo designs, and proceeds from these tattoos go to Flying Kite. Choose from a variety of colorful options, $5.50-$15.50 each, and your skin (plus the world) will become a lovelier place.


  1. Good read. Getting a temporary tattoo may be a great experience, how much more if you can help orphaned kids in doing so? Thanks for sharing.

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