August 29, 2015

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Enter to Win a New Camera!

Who’s as obsessed with Tumblr as we are? We love finding new people to follow (and getting new followers!), so be sure to check out ours. A new one we’ve just been notified about is the Coca-Cola Tumblr, happiness is… dedicated to “sharing Happiness one post at a time.”

And, now something that will make you happy: we’re giving away a Canon PowerShot Camera! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post, telling us what makes you happy. You can alsoTweet us with your happy thoughts (be sure to tweet @iheartdaily so we can find you), or “like” us on Facebook and leave your words on our wall.

One winning comment, tweet or Facebook post will be chosen at random on January 27, 2012. Happy, happy, happy!

Prize: One (1) Canon PowerShot
How to Enter: Via comment on, twitter or Facebook
Open to U.S. residents only
Giveaway runs 1/17/12-1/24/12
One winner will be chosen via on 1/25/12

General disclosure: The prize was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this giveaway. Winners are responsible for paying taxes on their prize.
Additional disclosure: Canon and PowerShot are a trademarks of Canon Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and had zero involvement with this contest.


  1. Jessica says:

    What makes me happy is the way the morning sun shines through the windows.

    • Grettie says:

      Waking up and remembering that the night before I had ridded myself of all guilt, and I am lovey and at peace……and then my sister comes in, puts pegs on my sheet, and clomps out like a rhinoceros. Yep. I know. And then the cat jumps – on my head. But I wouldn’t have it ANY other way.
      Oh, and babies.

    • Katheryn says:

      What makes me happy is Spring. Because even though my allergies sometimes act up, nothing beats lying in a fig tree in the sun, surrounded by green, flowers and clear blue sky.

  2. Michelle says:

    My husband is the one thing that can always make me happy. :)

  3. Erin D. says:

    There are a lot of things that make me happy, but things that come to mind most are my family and friends, but other simple things are sunshine, traveling, scrapbooking my memories…. A new camera, would be perfect! hint hint… ;P

  4. Sarah Holmen says:

    There is so many things that me happy; my nephews laughter, finding that book I was wanting at the library, finding any new books in general, seeing little get excited to go to the library, and so many other things :)

  5. Michelle says:

    My girls make me happy.

  6. Allison says:

    My dog Charlie makes me happy!

  7. MaryBeth says:

    A good book makes me happy as does a colorful picture!

  8. Jeff Criswell says:

    having a beautiful, healthy family (and super smart kids to boot) makes me very happy.

  9. Grace G. says:

    Carefree laughter with friends makes me happy.

  10. pam wakeford says:

    exercise makes me happy

  11. Melanie Sartain says:

    What makes me happy is my son’s innocence & love!!!!

  12. Keith james says:

    Sunshine on my shoulders.

  13. Ginger Calem says:

    So many things make me happy. Ok, I’ll pick one. I love it when something makes me spontaneously laugh with abandon. It does something wonderful to my soul!

  14. Islande Resignac says:

    What makes me happy is fashion. It’s amazing how the simplest dress, or cutest pair of boots can make me feel so good. If I’m having a bad day, or feel gloomy and down in the dumps, I just flip through fashion mags, or ransack my closet, put on a cute little number, and I feel so much better.

  15. Cheyanne Hamann says:

    What makes me happy is being myself, following my passions and encouraging other people to do the same.

  16. Amanda Owens says:

    What makes me happy is achieving my fitness goals! I love to run daily and I strive to run faster and longer distances! Getting my heart pumping and my blood flowing keeps me happy!

  17. Jessica says:

    It makes me happy to cuddle on the couch with my boyfriend, reading a good book!

  18. Jamie Adair says:

    In my religions of the world class, or really any college course I’m taking this semester, it absolutely thrills me when my fellow classmates debate with intellectual discussion on topics. It’s such an energizing awakening compared to the dull, cricket, silence of some high school classrooms.

  19. Amy Elise says:

    What makes me happy is teaching young children and knowing that I’ve made a difference in their lives.

  20. Bwyatt says:

    Chocolate makes me happy! Oh, and cuddling with my puppies. OH! And reading a good book. Ohhh, perfect happinies = cuddling with my puppies while reading a good book and eating chocolate! Ahhh, yeah, that’s the life!

  21. Rain Maiden Jen says:

    I find it’s the simple things that make me happy. My daughter singing a new song she learned in preschool. Getting into a great book on a rainy day. Having coffe with my best friend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Robin J. says:

    During these cold winter months, thinking about waking up at the lake makes me happy.

  23. Abigail Pinter says:

    What makes me happy is watching my son try to sing the songs on iheart. He hasnt mastered talking yet so its just sooo funny!

  24. natalie kozaczka says:

    Last summer was a bad summer for us,my husband was told he has lung cancer,in the beginning of Aug. and June started it all when we lost our american eskimo,Nikki,was 15 years old,and also had cancer so on June 24Th we had him put to sleep,then on July 28th Sandi also 15 years old,a red siberian husky also had to be put to sleep,then it was aug.3rd we found out about my husband.
    Now for the happy part,my husband’s chemo is reverseing the cancer,the doctors are very hopeful now and we also have two new soles to love Oscar and Andy are two new pups we have gotten and while they are not my beloved dogs,they are making their own place in our hearts

  25. Tammy OHagan says:

    sitting on a beach watching the ocean.

  26. Lizzy says:

    What makes me happy is having movie marathons with my best friends :-)

  27. natalie russell says:


  28. jen kuebler says:

    The words I love you Grandma!

  29. Rachel Richards says:

    My family makes me happy ♥

  30. Shannon Barlow says:

    What makes me happy is getting to watch my grandson get bigger. He’s a newborn so he sleeps alot but I love watching him. He’s so adorable.

  31. My family and friends make me happy!

  32. Brianna-Marie Ealy says:

    Happiness is cuddling up with that special soomeone infront of the firr on a cold snowy day.<3

  33. liz says:

    It makes me happy when I finish one of my short stories on Figment and immediately someone hearts it. I love the feeling that I succeeded at something I love. That always makes me happy!

  34. Jennie says:

    What makes me happy is having my puppy in my lap and staing out at the rain :)

  35. Annabel says:

    What makes me happy is taking photos of things I find beautiful and being able to share them with the world. I love capturing the small things that can make people smile.
    Check out my blog to see what I mean! :)

  36. Em says:

    It makes me happy to look over at my family and see them happy. When others are smiling, I’m happy – no matter what bad things happened to me that day. :)

  37. shel says:

    Waking up and realizing it is Saturday and I don’t have to go to work today..pure bliss.

  38. Anna says:

    Tumblr makes me happy. And traveling! I would use this for both.

  39. chloe says:

    what makes me happy, is when I take a picture of something without even really thinking about it too much, and it comes out amazing.

  40. Kyra G says:

    My boyfriend makes me happy!

  41. TK says:

    What makes me happy are concerts. No matter what happens to me prior, I instantly feel happy when I see my favorite band perform.

  42. Michelle says:

    What makes me happy are just the simple things in life. Seeing the sunset, laying on the grass, playing in the ocean, things that we take for granted. I just like to stop and take a moment from a busy day and just look at the amazing world around me. That makes me happy.

  43. Leslie G says:

    A stack of new books from the library, sunshine on a windy day, a warm cup of coffee, five more minutes of sleep Saturday morning.

  44. Melissa says:

    Waking everyday knowing that my family is safe and happy makes me happy!!

  45. Christie says:

    Many things make me happy, but I find that I am the happiest when I am happy for someone else.

  46. Laina Van Wingerden says:

    My horse Zoe makes me happy. The sky makes me happy. Coffee makes me happy. Going to the library and/or bookstore makes me really happy. Sharp, colored pencils make me want to color, and that makes me happy!

  47. Sami says:

    Happiness is making and sharing (and preserving) beautiful memories with friends and family…

  48. Stella C. says:

    Book shopping makes me extremely happy. It’s not ice cream or a good hug, but endulging on books that keeps me happy.

    I always leave the bookstore in a smile.

  49. lana k. says:

    Curling up in peace with a good book and no distractions makes me happy.

  50. Sahar S. says:

    Books make me happy. :)

  51. Harry Barbee says:

    Getting autographs makes me happy

  52. mena says:

    the thing that makes me happy is dancing and singing=)

  53. Kim says:

    Reading always puts me in a better mood and makes me happy. :)

  54. Susan D says:

    My children and my friends make me happy :o )

  55. Marrista S says:

    What makes me happy is memories made with family and friends that carry me through the tough times.

  56. Angie says:

    Yummy desserts always make me happy!

  57. Zaynab says:

    The one thing that makes me happiest is when I’m with my family and friends! <3

  58. Gracyn says:

    What makes me happy is coming home to an energetic, loving black lab puppy (well he is 5 now) who jumps up 3 feet in the air because he is so happy to see me. His kisses and hugging him instantly makes me feel happy.

  59. Stacey Davis says:

    My baby boy makes me EXTREMELY Happy!!

  60. Riv Re says:

    Writing makes me happy. When I’m in the zone, not even a million bucks could pull me away. (Well, maybe a million bucks…)

  61. Samantha says:

    What makes me happy is spending time with my friends and knowing that I can make them laugh so hard, Frapaccino comes out their noses.

  62. Douglas Houston says:

    That first sip of coffee in the morning makes me happy

  63. tracey byram says:

    The smiles, hugs and kisses from my grandchildren makes me happy.

  64. Michelle R. says:

    A warm puppy!

  65. Beatrice says:

    What makes me happy is reading a good book while watching my favorite shows!

  66. Rebecca says:

    Many things make me happy: life, books, writing, and friends. But the one thing that makes me happy most of all is when my family and I share moments that seem so small and its like life can’t get any better. Small moments that set your heart speeding away and you can’t help but know even in that fragment of an instant, its the best thing in the entire world and you would remember it for the rest of your life.

  67. Kira Klaas says:

    Falling in love makes me happy–falling in love with new friends, with a good book, with a beautiful place, and of course, with a boy. These make the most memorable moments that guarantee more happiness in the future!

  68. Rachel says:

    Laughing with my friends and family makes me happy. Also, enjoying the beautiful view of the lake especially at sunset.

  69. vanessa c. says:

    When my 4 year old nephew smiles or laughs he can make me happy. Even when im having the worst day and im sad seeing him smile makes me happy.

  70. Kathryn Herbst says:

    Writing makes me happier than anything in the world. :) It heals!

  71. Violet says:

    I love taking really long walks in the morning before anyone is up.

  72. Allyn H says:

    What makes me happy is being with my family and telling funny stories. =]

  73. Yiling says:

    Good books always make me happy. :)

  74. Katie says:

    Baking desserts always makes me happy. Especially if it has chocolate in it.

  75. Anna says:

    …homemade cookies, sweatpants, and a movie on a rainy day. Especially with close friends and family. :)

  76. Meghan says:

    Afternoon coffee makes me happy! Drinking one as I type… I can’t help it, I love the stuff!

  77. Karlee says:

    Simply being alive makes me happy :D There’s nothing better than life itself.

  78. Esther says:

    GOOD BOOKS make me infinitely happy! =)

  79. Shelley S says:

    Watching my flowers bloom in the spring and summer makes me happy. Same goes for reading a good book with my cats purring nearby and snuggling with our big rescue dog. A great pair of footie pajamas is absolutely heavenly.

  80. Alyssa Norman says:

    Dancing makes me happy. <3 and little kids!

  81. Donna Miller says:

    What makes me happy? Children’s laughter, puppy breath, a good book, and my husband saying, I love you!”.

  82. Em Kam says:

    Getting positive feedback on my writing makes me happy,.,,it give me hope to be in print one day!

  83. Kelly says:

    An unexpected warm day in winter is what makes me most happy, especially in January. I’ve also been looking for a new point-and-shoot camera, so winning that might even make me happier than warm weather in winter!

  84. Deborah Lin says:

    What makes me happy is reading a good book (no specific qualifications), eating good food and cooking it. Tumblr makes me happy. Jesus makes me happy.

  85. Justine says:

    What has seriously been making me happy lately is sitting on the porch in this unseasonably warm weather and reading the scores of amazing new books that have recently been released. Also, my dad just bought me a new shotgun, and there’s no better feeling in the world then hanging out with my dad and hitting every target.

  86. elisa says:

    Cooking a meal makes me happy.

  87. Stephanie says:

    Happiness is exploring and finding a place so beautiful you have to share it with someone else next time you visit.

  88. Samantha L says:

    One of the many thing that makes me happy is when I arrive back home to see my happy puppy wagging her tail and wanting all my attention with the biggest smile in the world on her face.

  89. Kate B says:

    Taking pictures at Bonnaroo makes me happy and taking them with the Canon Powershot instead of my clunky old camera would make me even happier!

  90. Sandra says:

    I’m at home trying to take pictures of my dog who will not work with me but I did manage to get the most perfect at the right moment. I guess when it comes to pictures, taking it at the right moment is what matters. Also being at the right moment is key!!!!!!!! That’s what I think photographers like me or you the other photographers need to work for. The perfect wave or in our case pictures and moments. :)

  91. Mira K. says:

    What makes me happy is being in some kind of performance, whether it’s singing, dancing, or acting because I love when I get the big applause after I’ve worked so hard on something and just the thrill of being up on stage.

  92. KK says:

    Time to embrace all that I love–family, friends, laughter, swinging on swingsets, reading in the sunlight, watching the snow twinkle down, memories–makes me happy!

  93. Tiffany says:

    it makes me happy when i lie down on the cold concrete and feel the hot sun on my cheek:)

  94. Heather says:

    My son telling me he loves me is what makes me happy!

  95. Vanessa says:

    Being with my friends and family, listening to music, and sunshine make me happy

  96. Kelly says:

    Making a new friend always makes me happy, along with good food, my pets, a great book, and my warm fluffy blanket that I’m wrapped up in right now!

  97. Alisha H. says:

    Books make me happy. Music makes me happy. Talking to the ones I love make me happy. The simpler things in life make me happy. I don’t like being overwhelmed, so filling my day with small stuff like that makes me content and happy with life.

  98. Nicolle S says:

    I feel happiest right after I finish a yoga session and also when I’m reading a really good book :)

  99. Karen says:

    That that make me happy are dark chocolate, getting a math problem right, acing a test, and fridays (:

  100. Dashiell Graci says:

    Hanging out with my family makes me happy. So do little things like watching a movie or enjoying a cup of coffee while I’m getting a little writing done before class.

  101. Daisney says:

    What makes me truly happy?………….FOOD <3 ^^

  102. Miriam says:

    Life makes me happy. When I get to do everything that I love to do, like hang out with my friends, and just enjoy it, that’s what makes me happy.

  103. Auriel says:

    What makes me happy is when my best friend calls and we talk for hours.

  104. Kenaia says:

    What makes me happy are the days when the sun is out and the sky is clear. Perfect mood and perfect photography light. :)

  105. Sophie says:

    I like to face a difficult-looking calculus problem, give it all I’ve got, and end up with the correct answer after many lines of loose-leaf. That’s what makes me happy!

  106. River says:

    I love watching little kids have fun with their parents. As a teenager, it’s often hard for me to connect with my parents the way I once did, but there’s something about watching a kid laugh and smile with the adult that loves and cares about them the most that almost brings tears to my eyes.

  107. Dawn Walsh says:

    what makes me happy every time without fail is the laughter of a child

  108. April says:

    the hope that true love is out there.

  109. Danielle Young says:

    One of my happiest, most content moment, was listening to “Raincoat Song” by the Decemberists while it rained outside. I was reading a Sarah Dessen novel and was breathing in the scent of my favorite Yankee Candle (Cherry Lemonade). It was a lovely day. Everything about it was perfect. Just thinking about it puts a smile on my face.

  110. Veronica says:

    What makes me happy right now is that my cousin just had her baby today in the morning! They are both healthy and that’s all that matters. I can’t wait to seen him!!!

  111. Veronica says:

    What makes me happy is that i am still breathing and that I am still alive. After all the horrible things i’ve been through, after the depression, the self harming and the attempted suicide , I can still find a reason to smile and to be happy. I have had great adventures in my life and I have had so many great new people enter my life since that dark time and thats what makes me truly happy.

  112. Kimberly S. says:

    Accomplishing goals I set out for myself, getting good grades in college while founding and running a Foodies club on campus and having a set work out routine and having my friends join me about getting healthy.

  113. Yelim Y. says:

    What makes me happy? Well, not to be entirely materialistic and all “love! family! other soppy things!’, chocolate makes me happy. Yes, it might seem inconsequential, but even thinking about little balls of silky chocolate just waiting to be popped into my mouth makes me wiggle in joy! Not to mention Nutella, my favorite-st chocolate spread. :)

  114. Ali M. says:

    What makes ME happy? My family, when they’re not fighting. My baseball (GO SOX). But what really makes me happy is being outside everyday and seeing how my lord and lady have made the world for all of us to enjoy in our own ways, be it playing or reading or cloud-watching. That’s what makes me happy.

  115. Bridget says:

    A really good night’s sleep makes me happy, not in any uber-hyper way, but just in this relaxed-I-am-ready-for-the-day-to-start kind of way. It’s the sort of night where you can feel how long you’ve slept (and it’s not just like you blinked and the night disappeared) and you’re were very comfy and warm and also had no stress about the upcoming day. It helps when it’s raining for some reason; that just causes this coziness.

  116. Alex says:

    What makes me happy is spending time with my best friend because he always makes me happy, is always there when I need him, constantly makes me laugh, and is just the best person ever. Being around him makes me forget the past, and makes the future look so bright(:

  117. darleen says:

    My husband makes me laugh to the point of tears…or one time hiccups. I am so happy and I can never tell him enough how much I love him.

  118. Era B. says:

    Happiness in my life comes from so many factors, most of them very simple. It’s when someone i love makes me laugh or when a friend sends me a funny text. Or happiness can find me when i’m walking down the street and i see how everything is covered in snow and everything looks clam and beautiful. Happiness comes from small things that make me feel happy to be living.

  119. What makes me happy is waking up and taking that first big breath and knowing that no matter how good or bad everything that happens is everyone makes mistakes, your just learning new things. It’s better to live your life then to be afraid of it :) knowing that makes me happy, that and chocolate.

  120. Kirsten P says:

    Cooking makes me happy, especially cooking for others.

  121. Margay says:

    A lot of things make me happy, but especially nature’s beauty. I love sunsets, the changing of the seasons, the beauty of flowers…

  122. Cassandra says:

    What makes me the happy is when I’m driving, the sun is shining brightly and I’m listening to music that I love.

  123. Jori says:

    Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book.

  124. Torio says:

    Going overseas in less then a month to South Korea to teach English for a year makes me ECSTATIC!!!

  125. Jaime says:

    What makes me happy is visiting my niece, Evelyn. Every moment I spend with her is the happiest I’ve ever been.

  126. Tom Bellamy says:

    Being around family and friends makes me happy.

  127. Sarah Chang says:

    Happiness is:
    1. Family and Friends
    2. Puppies
    3. Books
    4. Warm beds and hot chocolate
    5. No school

  128. Elizabeth says:

    Hanging out with my friends and eating ice cream makes me happy.

  129. Miranda Snyder says:

    What make me happy are my passions in life. I love photography. I’ve been doing it in some way for years now. Spending time with my family and friends makes me happy. But most of all relaxing at home and reading a good a book makes me happy!

  130. Anna says:

    Having great conversations over delicious meals with friends and family makes me happy.

  131. Melissa R. says:

    What makes me happy is my beautiful new kitten. :)

  132. D. Lipinski says:

    Watching my 2 year old niece break into a smile, then giggles, over something as simple as a stubbed toe (mine lol) or the dog scratching his ear, makes me happy.

  133. Re says:

    Sharing good laughs with friends and roadtrips make me happy :)

  134. Letting my light shine and inspiring others, that makes me happy!

  135. Samantha says:

    My little sister makes me happy! I love spending time with her, her smile is the very best. <3

  136. Joice says:

    Just walking into Urban Outfitters makes me happy, even if I cant afford anything :P

  137. Joice says:

    Just walking into Urban Outfitters makes me happy, even if I cant afford anything. :P

  138. Maaaryam says:

    The little things in life. For example, finding out we don’t have exams in a class, a good book to read, a good sale. . . etc. etc.

  139. korynn says:

    good food, family, friends, warm weather, hearing about another’s happiness, being healthy and just knowing i’ve got a lot of those things and more ahead of me.

  140. Caitlin tran says:

    My water polo team makes me happy !

  141. Delesha W says:

    Sitting up in bed before the sun has gotten a chance to rise and than watching the sky’s color change.

  142. Marissa Hakala says:

    So many things make me happy! My top 3 are my cat, a good book, and my friends. Any of these can make me happy on a bad day.

  143. JMF says:

    when the family gets together :)

  144. Tina says:

    With school being the bane of my existence currently, waking up to a sparkling, white snow day’ll make me the happiest.

  145. Orchid says:

    What makes me happy, spending time with my family and the odd debates that we tend to get into around the table.
    As well as reading and getting lost in brilliant book that just grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let you go till you’ve turned the very last page. =)

  146. Antonio R says:

    My bicycle rides at lunch. Half an hour away from all my cares and worries.

  147. Ashley says:

    The way my puppy greets me, even if I have only left for two minutes, always makes me so happy. After all, happiness is a warm puppy! ;)

  148. Kim Johnson says:

    What makes me happy is giving back to my community, rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals to put them back into the wild so they will be here for our grand and great grandchildren.

  149. laura k says:

    Being at home with my husband and our pets, enjoying a weekend of few chores and lots of free time makes me happy….

  150. sunny says:

    This single most happy feeling in the world for me is lying on my bed after a long, tiring day at school.

  151. Emma H. says:

    One of the things I love the most is taking photos, because the world looks so beautiful through a camera lense. Even if I have to use my cheap camera. No matter what the photo, whatever its of, it always make me cry. Whether it happy, sad, or so funny you can’t help but laugh until you cry.

  152. Emmy says:

    Spending time with my family makes me happy:D!!!

  153. Booklover13 says:

    Taking photos. The world looks sooo beautiful through a camera lenses. Even if its a bad amera.

  154. Sarah says:

    Happiness is a really good Grande Americano.

  155. sam victor says:

    Happiness is
    -Browns victory (rarely happens)
    -when direct deposit goes through a day early
    -making it to happy hour with 10 minutes to spare
    -Papa Johns Pizza (garlic sauce mmmm)
    -Milk Chocolate
    -Dark Chocolate
    -All Chocolate
    -Even Hot Chocolate
    -Perfectly hot Shower
    -Andes Chocolate Mints
    -Capital Grille Porchini Rubbed Steak
    -Lobster Mac and Cheese with Truffle Oil
    -Winning this Canon Powershot (please)

  156. Stacy says:

    Things that make me happy.

    - Writing
    - Food especially sweets
    - Music
    - Books

  157. Kristin says:

    what makes me happy is my amazing lesson horses, my awesome besties, sunsets, poetry, Girls Horse Club, and so much more!! I am truly thankful for everything in my life.

  158. Olivia M. says:

    The lovely people in my dorm make me happy!

  159. Tina says:

    Reading Sylvia Plath or John Green with a vanilla soy latte makes me VERY happy :)

  160. K Mayers says:

    Just seeing my little grandson every day makes me happy. He lives with us and is an absolute darling to have around…

  161. sharon c says:

    My family, esp my kids…they bring happiness and joy to my life (most of the time, lol…I do have a teenager)…also being at the beach, enjoying the outdoors, the simple things matter so very much and make me happy…

  162. Peter says:

    My family makes me happy.

  163. jasmine says:

    being able to be my[true]self around people! =]

  164. JJ says:

    Pushing off the wall for backstroke, hitting a couple flutter kicks underwater and looking up through the water as I glide back: this makes me happy and serene.

  165. Cindi says:

    My friends and family make me very happy!
    Our pets, also make me smile…
    LIfe, as a whole, makes me happy, through
    the good, bad and the ugly.
    Lastly, I am happy to say that for the most
    part, people accept me for who I am!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  166. Elizabeth Finfgeld says:

    Happiness is:

    1) a square of dark chocolate melting ever so teasingly upon my tongue (followed up with a no-holds-barred pig out session on the rest of the bar)

    2) a pile of contented kitties snoozing in my lap (so far, all four of mine can fit with no elbow room to spare)

    3) a desk covered with rainbow-tinted art supplies and a pile of paper aching to be transformed

    4) gazing at the mountain landscape outside of my window and feeling so thankful that I can drink in Mother Nature whenever I desire

    5) hearty belly laughs, preferably while viewing left of center Brit-coms

    6) feeling a-okay inside and out :)

  167. Samantha says:

    What makes me happy is snow, smiles and Starbucks!

  168. shannon z says:

    Several things make me happy… my daughter being one. I completely understand everything I did to my parent as a child.. and I know my daughter will have a lightbulb come on once she has kids.. and my grandkids will then make me light up =)

  169. Cindy barriga says:

    I am happy with friends and family.

  170. Danielle Pontow says:

    what makes me happy is the smiles of my family.. i love to care for them and they in turn smile for me.. winning combination.. dont you think?

  171. Emma Demopoulos says:

    Happiness for me is found in the little things like the smell of the first spring breeze after winter, running barefoot through grass, a first kiss, the smell of a brand new book, a shared sunrise, and the perfect two seconds of silence before the words I love you are spoken. The moments themselves are small but mean everything in the end.

  172. Marissa says:

    Long walks in the early morning, my sisters when they smile at the little things, picture-perfect beach moments with my friends.

  173. Winnie says:

    Just looking anything nature lifts my spirits. It brings me back to how even humans need time away from everyone and ourselves.

  174. Lauren Peterson says:

    I love taking my dog on walks, giving her exercise and seeing everything going on.

  175. Chelsea C. says:

    What makes me happy is getting to spend time with my family because we never get to see each other that often

  176. Ashley says:

    What makes me happy is obsessing over my favorite books, shows, and music with my best friends and mom. =]

  177. Tina Wang says:

    New Clothes make me happy! That and Parks and Recreation.

  178. Laura Theall says:

    Spending the day with my best friend makes me happy. (:

  179. Mac F says:

    Sitting in the sunny parking lot of Mickey D’s, eating ice cream with my family, makes me happy. :)

  180. Amanda says:

    Spending time with my fiancé makes me happy. =]

  181. Gricelda says:

    Making others smile or laugh makes me extremely happy. It makes me feel like I have a purpose: to spread joy, something you can never get enough of.

  182. Emily says:

    baking for people :)

  183. Eric W. says:

    Going to a movie with my sweetheart makes me happy.

  184. Dominique says:

    Meteor showers make me happy! One of my best friends and I bonded over our mutual love for astronomy my freshman year; we went out at midnight to see the Geminids that year! We’ve been really good friends ever since! :)
    (I guess there’s nothing like bonding over a night on a bridge, freezing your bum off as you watch the stars fall!)

  185. Laura McLendon says:

    Peace and Quite make me happy, No Joke!!

  186. Korianne says:

    What makes me happy is that I’m able to afford to attend classes this semester in the program I want to work in.

  187. andrea says:

    My family and friends, even though they live very far away, make me very happy and keep me sane even when everything else is crazy!

  188. Reagen says:

    What makes me happy is truthfully just spending time with my friends- taking goofy pictures to put on Facebook, playing MW3 with guys who don’t believe us, and pillowfights acting like we are three. Those are my favorite moments and nothing could top them. :P

  189. Abby M says:

    What makes me happy? Honestly, its too hard to pick one thing. I have a family that loves me, such wonderful friends, i am going to an amazing school and really truly more than I could ever ask for!

  190. Kasey says:

    Happiness is…
    high heels with knee socks!!
    here’s to not too chilly winter weather! :)

  191. Sabrina says:

    what make me happy is…
    friends and family
    and more

  192. Nicki B. says:

    The sky outside after a lighting storm with the clouds half there and half not, the around the sun painted stunning colors of orange and pink with hues of blue and purple mixed make me goofy happy

  193. Daria says:

    Happiness is to inspire and be inspired.

  194. Sahrie Doezema says:

    What makes me happy is my amazing and adorable boyfriend, who will send me a text on a Sunday morning saying, “Roadtrip?”, then takes me up to Sleeping Bear Dunes so we can see (and take pictures of) the beautiful sunset.

  195. Rachel says:

    To me happiness is the scars on my knees, the leftover food in my fridge, the song the birds sing, soda pop that fizzles on my tongue, the rainbow sprinkles on cupcakes, the battered packages that sometimes come in the mail, the dampness of my hair after a shower, my grandmother’s music box, the bubblegum I sometimes stick under desks, my hands and all the things I can make with them, sleepless nights, solving math problems, and the way the boy i love looks when he’s painting.

  196. kidcurry says:

    a vacation and a cool camera to take pictures with

  197. Linda Kish says:

    What makes me happy is taking a walk with my dog on a sunny day.

  198. Courtney says:

    Happiness to me is spending time with my friends and boyfriend, as well as experiencing the little pleasures in life.

  199. Kristi C says:

    Hugs from my children make me happy.

  200. Frank P says:

    Having extra time to pursue hobbies like photography makes me happy.

  201. Allyn H says:

    What makes me happy is making other people smile,it just warms my heart!

  202. Morgan says:

    The thing that makes me happy is seeing my friends and family being happy. I know that sounds really cheesy and lame but its 100 percent honest. I strive to make other people feel better and happy about themselves. I know what its like to be going through a hard time and i don’t like seeing anyone i know being sad so when i see them being happy. it truly makes me happy inside.

  203. Rachel L. says:

    Well other than this contest ( ; } ) my school is really making me happy right now. I attend a performing arts school, and we just got accepted by Disney World to perform there this April!! I’m extremely happy about that, and I’m happy about all the donations we’ve been getting from the wonderful people in our small community who are trying to help us pay our way to Disney.

    (p.s. it’s an expensive trip and we’re a small school, so your prayers and good wishes would also make me happy :D )

  204. Emmie K. says:

    Traveling and going on adventures make me happy:)

  205. alexis says:

    what makes me happy… well id say just to wake up the next morning, knowing you have a fresh new day, knowing your still a live and this world hasnt forgotten me. knowing that as my day goes on I will see the ones I love and the ones I can come to love. Knowing my its my life and im going to live it to the fullest :P

  206. Having supportive friends who are with me in the good and bad makes me a VERY happy person^_^ I would not be who I am if it weren’t for their support. I love doing anything with them regardless if it’s just saying hi for a few minutes.

  207. Sarah says:

    Chocolate. Reading. Cameras (hinthint).

  208. Joanna says:

    Happiness to me is good food and good friends to eat with =]

  209. Kayla says:

    My partner makes me happy. I really feel fulfilled by him!

  210. Nancy Reid says:

    Getting lost in my yoga practice makes me so happy!

  211. CanCan says:

    I keep a gratitude list, but I think what makes me happy, in general is POSSIBILITY! I love day dreaming about what could happen if I take this or that positive step in my life! HAPPY!

  212. Kristyy says:

    What makes me happy…?
    A lot of things make me happy, such as watching movies with my boyfriend on rainy days or playing soccer for my school. But what really makes me happy is taking pictures of everything else that makes me happy, saving those memories to forever look back on. photographyy = my life :)

  213. Bernadette says:

    Going to my favorite coffeehouse and sitting and talking with my friends for hours makes me happy.

  214. Kelsey says:

    Laying out on the beach at sunset, letting the sun dance over your body, and breathing in the fresh air. Digging your toes in the hot white sand, and listening to the screams of little children, and the faint barking of a dog. Letting you hair down, and having the wind blowing it all around. Just, enjoying your surrounding, savoring it, because this is something you can’t take for granted. :)

  215. Renae says:

    What makes me happy is: Music, singing or listening to it . Watching a great movie . Drawing . Riding my horse in the hot summer sun . Hanging out with my family and friends .Listening to people tell funny stories and jokes . Sitting down and reading a book . Playing tag . Cooking something that I know is going to taste great . Looking at great pictures that will put a smile on your face anytime . And most of all just enjoying life one day at a time ! That is what makes me happy .

  216. Amanda says:

    Taking photos makes me happy. By the snap of a camera, how something seemingly ordinary can turn out beautiful. I think that’s what being an artist is, finding the beauty where others don’t. And since I’ve gotten into photography I see the potential of beauty everywhere. Which is why I always try to take my camera with me. It’s not very fancy, in fact, it’s rather mediocre but I comfort myself with the great quote ‘it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.’ That being said, it would be really nice to win this camera. (:

  217. Jessica says:

    Having everyone I care about healthy and happy makes me happy!

  218. Laura says:

    Strawberry ice cream melting in the sunshine with little bits of sand from the sea breeze…

  219. Jazmin says:

    A sunny day in the middle of winter makes me happy :)

  220. Marci Cornelius says:

    Spending time with my kids makes me happy

  221. Katie V says:

    A sunny day at the beach makes me happy :)

  222. Jocelyn says:

    What makes me happy– the smell of old (and new!) books!

  223. Staton Rabin says:

    What makes me happy is watching Fred Astaire dance.

  224. Erin says:

    Reading a good book in a warm blanket on a stormy night as the wind whistles through the trees- that makes me happy!

  225. Katheryn says:

    What makes me happy is Spring. Because even though my allergies sometimes act up, nothing beats warm sun, green grass and flourishing flowers with friends and family. Plus you can get some really good pictures in Spring.

  226. Tricia Andrews says:

    What makes me happy is hearing my 7 year old daughter’s voice. She is a miracle and the best thing that has happened in my life. She brings me much joy.

  227. Sydney says:

    What makes me happy? Laughter is what makes me happy, even when I’m feeling down it always picks me back up.

  228. Joleen Renee says:

    ~What makes me happy is waking up on Saturday mornings knowing i can sleep in. Also, being with my family makes me happy as well as my puppy. His name is Gumby. I cant forget him. :)

    ~Also, knowing that i may win this camera for my 16th birthday would make me very Happy too !

  229. Laura says:

    Getting things via snail mail makes me happy. Turkey sandwiches make me happy. Harry Potter makes me happy. Brendon Urie makes me happy. Little things make me happy :)

  230. alicia says:

    My recent engadgement makes me happy!! also the beautiful sunshine and being alive!!

  231. Sabrina says:

    What makes me happy? Love. No matter what kind. Walking down the street people saying HI! Friends. In the hallways of my school. To see a couple hugging and having a conversation. Couples. To see friends huddled together to take a picture. Cheeeese! My mom and dad sitting on the couch staring into each others eyes.

  232. Julie says:

    Things that make me happy are Jesus, Family and friends :)

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